Dragonball: The Earthling Rebellion

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  1. The primary plot involves an alternate timeline in which Frieza conquered the Earth, and the players must eventually take the planet back from his forces.​

    Mechanic wise, this rp would be a little different. I'm leaning towards a health system. If people would prefer, there will be no health system.

    Health System Example (open)

    Goku begins fighting with Vegeta.
    Goku hits with a Kamehameha, which has a damage rating of 5.
    Vegeta's health drops from a base 100 to 95.

    In addition to A potential health system, there is very likely going to be a ki system to determine how well and how frequently characters can perform energy attacks. I may very well have the setting be primarily Dragonball era at the start, so, ki attacks won't be as prevalent to begin with. This is simply for balancing purposes.

    Ki System Example (open)

    Goku and Vegeta are battling, and both are fatigued, having only 50 ki left of the base 100.

    Goku and Vegeta both use a standard ki blast attack with a ki cost of 5.
    Regardless of whether or not the attack succeeds, both characters are reduced to 45 ki remaining.

    Characters will have base stats, as well as an allotted number to distribute at character creation. Their stats will determine a variety of things, including how efficient they are at different actions, which skills, abilities, and techniques they can use, and as a means of comparison between character's strengths and weaknesses.

    A list of skills, techniques, and perhaps more will be provided. Players will be able to choose from these to give to their characters. Each will have requirements to meet, otherwise they will be unavailable. During the course of the rp, new skills will become available as characters grow, and their stats increase.

    Because this concept is designed for a fairly sizeable group, I would need help to monitor such things, as such, we may begin with a simplified version.



    Humans are the most prominent race on Earth. Humans are born with no particular advantages and an average aptitude for ki.

    Humans gain an additional three stat points per level up.

    Humans begin the rp with three skills/techniques instead of two.

    Humans start the rp with fewer stat points.


    Namekians are uncommon on Earth, being slug-people from the planet Namek. They are born with a natural affinity with ki, and are taught to fly on their home planet at a young age. They reproduce by spitting out eggs, and are all naturally "male". Namekians also created the wish granting dragonballs.

    Namekians can regenerate, and have access to techniques that other races do not.

    Namekians begin the rp with the "Flight" Skill.


    Namekians have significantly heightened hearing, and can be taken advantage of via loud noises.


    Saiyans are a race of warriors from the now destroyed planet Vegeta, and are very rare on Earth. They have monkey-like tails that allow them to transform into massive monkeys called "Oozaru". Additionally, saiyans have the ability to grow stronger after recovering from severe Injuries.


    Saiyans begin the rp with the "Zenkai" skill and the "Uncontrolled Oozaru" transformation.


    Until stamina reaches 50, saiyans are immobilized by having their tail grabbed.

    Looking upon a full moon causes the saiyan to transform into the Oozaru, and lose control of themselves, destroying everything around them. (Character is treated as an NPC during the transformation.)


    Changelings are an extremely endangered species of shapeshifters with unknown origins. None are known to have been on Earth prior to the invasion.


    Changelings begin the rp with an additional five stat points.

    Changelings learn their transformations automatically upon reaching certain levels.


    Changelings cannot revert forms upon earning their transformations.

    Changelings earn two less stat points per level up.

    More information will be added later.​
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  2. A health system and ki system is an interesting idea for this rp. Although, through past experiences, stats over complicate things and can be hard to get people to follow. But, the way that you put it here where stats determine what powers/skills you can gain is a good idea, just not for the actual fighting.

    Are these going to be the starting races or are you going to add more? For example, Androids. *nudge* *nudge*
  3. The primary reason for combat stats is so people can't just claim their characters are superior. I've seen a lot of instances where a player implies their character is either faster than the opponent, or one of the fastest people alive in general. Whole thing bugged me.

    If I can come up with another option or method, that'd be great, though. Always open to suggestions.

    And yeah, I'll most likely add Androids, since I was considering playing one later on.
  4. Alright, it's making more sense now. As long as it isn't made more technical that what you have said in your last two posts, it should be fine.

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  5. So what's our next step?
  6. I'll wait another day to see if anyone joins. If not, I'll put up the CS and stuff. Then we'll figure how to get started.
  7. Me and Lykaon are hashing out a plot, well, the idea is actually done. Just gotta set everything up.
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  8. Okay, the story we have so far is this.

    Frieza took over the Earth, and when the Earth was conquered he didn't sell the planet to the Highest Bidder, instead he kept it for himself and split Earth up into 'Provinces'. Each Province has a Clan Member (Changeling, Frieza's Race) that are 'Lords' and maintain these 'Provinces'. One of their tasks include a daily sweep of patrolling and searching for anyone with a substantial power level and killing them because Frieza doesn't want any sort of rebellion occurring. However, my Character (Will be a Lord) and despises Frieza and begins to harbor the Rebellion within his own Province so they will be safe until they are prepared to take the fight to Frieza.

    I think that is how this roleplay with start out, unless I'm missing something Lykaon.
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  9. That's pretty much what we've got so far.
  10. There's no way i'm going to be able to be a (Female) Majin is there? (I would Completely understand why you wouldn't allow that.)

    If not, i'm simply going to make a Saiyan. (Question on Saiyans, will we be detailing if saiyains are low, middle or elite class? If so, how is that determined?)
  11. Considering that we're starting out weaker, you'd probably be middle to low class. An elite would be far too strong to begin with. Or, you can forego the class system, since it's pretty irrelevant for this rp.
  12. I'd like to possibly join.

    Only thing is that I very much am opposed to these health and ki systems. If I'm not mistaken, I'm assuming our characters will be in a team anyway, so there won't be much fighting between us. But if there is, I think it best to juts come to a unanimous decision as a whole in regards to who wins the fight.

    A majority vote for example. Get the whole rp group involved? Idk. I just really don't like all the technical stuff. Just an option, not tryin to run your rp.
  13. I agree with @-QT- 's notion of no health systems, as long as the others agree as well. (I trust myself to not be OP, that doesn't mean you guys trust me not to be OP. I trust you all to not be OP, but that doesn't mean I should expect you all to think I will not be OP either.) I'm ok with Health systems, I would just rather avoid them, to make things less complex. Because the less complex it is, the more likely outsiders are to join us. Since people tend to get overwhelmed or scared of RP's with such systems.

    (Considering you didn't even address my question about the Majin, I'll assume it's not allowed. Or that it may be permitted later. (I was thinking A member of the Freiza clan or Freiza himself, would be looking for a powerful weapon, thus resulting in them creating/finding a Majin. Which would be my Female Majin Character. Why Female? Idk cause I can......)

    I don't mind being a Low-Class, since by technicality that would/should mean I hit Super-Saiyan faster. (That is if you follow such rules, that Low class starts out weak, but has the lowest BP requirement for SSJ. Then middle-class being the second lowest and Elite possessing the highest requirements to reach SSJ.) This is due to, Low-Class saiyans starting off weaker, but have the benefit of being able to get SSJ faster then other class levels. (In my opinion there are two ways a Saiyan gets their SSJ, first off, they need to have the proper power level. Then they will either need to witness a close friends death (Death Anger trigger), OR they are exposed long enough, to someone else in SSJ form. (SSJ-Form Exposure Trigger))

    ^All of the information I just provided about Saiyans, does not need to be used. I just felt like going on a rant on my point of view about saiyans, their class and SSJ. We can use this for our RP, or not. That is up to you GM's. (I was just hoping releasing this information, would help us as a whole. Either by it being contributed to our plot/idea/RP, OR it would at least give you all an idea on my perspective of saiyans.)
  14. *pokes* Are we still alive? Dear lord, how i hope we are still alive. I really want to do this.
  15. I think we are waiting on more people to join
  16. Oh ok, i was just wondering. ^-^

    I'll see if i can get anyone to join us. But no promises >.<
  17. I currently know of one person, who wishes to play as a female android. However she doesn't favor/want to play with the systems. (I don't know if we decided to keep the systems or ditch them, no concrete yes or no was stated.)
  18. Well...I think we are still doing this