Dragon riders versus dinosaur riders?

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  1. I was thinking of making an rp where several factions exist?

    I've got two plot ideas.

    1. All out war
    Some people are born with a spiritual compass. These individuals can have many different abilities. Some are able to conquer certain beasts, such as the dinosaurs or dragons that are drawn to their spiritual aura. Then there are those that have the ability to control the environment or themselves like the dinosaurs or dragons- with powers of fire, ice, bursts of extreme agility or bursts of extreme strength. These with physical powers are unable to tame any beast, however they are more durable than the average human and often make amazing fighters. Tensions rise between the leaders of the three groups, leaving the aura fighters, dinosaur riders and dragon riders to war. The rp would focus around the three kingdoms attacking and having huge battles across the fictional land they inhabit.


    2. Clashing warrior villages
    Mist villages have a fair share of Aura fighters and riders of all types. There are multiple villages, some allied and some at war. Warfare is very brief and the majority of the rp would focus on the characters developing bonds with their creatures or learning more about their powers. This rp would allow for multiple perspectives, with different characters able to serve the villages in various ways. Traders, explorers, hunters, soldiers and care givers to name a few potential jobs/roles.

    I figure that either way, character sheets would be similar. I also thought it would be cool if I made like a roster of equipment a RPer could outfit their dragon/dinosaur/character with like armor or spikes and such. Dragons are only limited to what you can type into google, however for dinosaurs I don't see much being useful in combat besides the carnivores as most of the herbivores mostly only had defensive adaptations but if a good sheet is created for herbivorous dinosaurs it would be perfectly fine. Dragons and dinosaurs must be organic, so no dinobots or Mecha-Ghidorah esq. beasties.

    Dinosaurs have the obvious disadvantage of lacking flight, however they benefit by, instead of having short/mid range beam weapons, they use spherical attacks. Such as much more powerful and long range fire blasts or Motorcycle sized hail they spit from their mouths.

    This is for interest and any ideas are welcome ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.