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  1. I recently got into the whole dragon rider craze (I know I'm late shut up) and I really want to do a long term RP where two people (or a group) are chosen to become dragon riders. It's basically going to be an Inheritance Cycle (or Eragon) only post- Inheritance.

    ~I expect you to write a good 1-2 paragraphs post. It doesn't have to daily just so we could really get the story going. ^-^
    ~Please be active and give me a warning when you're bored. I hate it when people suddenly vanish off the ends of the Earth and forget about the RP.

    That's really all I expect from you. Feel free to message me if you're interested!
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  2. sounds interesting, any preferred character types?
  3. Nothing to specific to be honest. Be who you want to be basically ^-^
  4. Perfect! I've got a few characters that would be good for this. Where do you want to set it?
  5. I was thnking something set in steampunk ages with robotic dragons that humans are assigned to at a certain age. Or do you want to do a Middle Earth kind of thing?
  6. I like the steampunk setting better, but can the dragons be biomechanic?
  7. Alright! Do you want to plot how they earn their dragons or do you just want to see how it goes?
  8. I'd rather just see how it goes. More exciting that way
  9. Do you mind if I start it first? I'll send you the link when I'm done.
Thread Status:
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