Dragon Rider (Looking for rider)

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  1. Just need a Rider, Male or female, adction and adventure

    Plot : you are a rider in training have no dragon none in the cavern will choose you till you hear about a creature who was locked away far away in the mountains chained up and forever imprisoned. You go there and see the mighty beast....you can help but find yourself bound to a creature who's heart is as wild as the stars. But as you trainj with the mighty beast and soon learn of a creature so dark and powerful it can burn a city with one flame. can you be the savior with the help of the mighty Dragon nothing is impossible. At least not for true dragon and rider who are bound. But when your learning everything about how to actually train the dragon you can't help but find the human form that it shifts into ...is attractive and knows what he is doing. But it takes more then one mind to make a good team. So as they set off on their adventure it time to see just what a strong bond can do, crossing dangerous lands and making friends along the way, but most of all bonding and training to be better then the best....But will it be enough ?

    Name : Draco the Great

    Age : over 5 million years old





    Height - 120 feet tall, tallest dragon of all time

    Lenght - 130 feet long

    Wing span - 200 feet wide


    Gold manipulation

    Venom fire

    Soul control

    Sonic speed

    Master air combatant

    Master of dark elements

    Stellar magic


    None are known
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  2. Hmmm, I'll ro this with you PM me
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