Dragon King and a Unicorn Queen

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  1. Hi I'm bunny and I have an idea!

    It's kind of like their are kingdoms for all the mystical animals. So then the Dragon king is fighting with the Unicorn queen. Since he wants more territory for his dragons to fly. But the war isn't going anywhere since anything they burn or poison with their magic the unicorns rebuild so the king and queen decide to fight. (They are normally in human form but can turn into their creature. As well as use the magic.) then they end up wounding each other in what is the no mans land where rouges are sent and they have to survive together. His temper with her kindness. Then they of course fall in love.I would like to be the Unicorn Queen.

    Of course I will take other ideas! And I am willing to do multiple of this idea.
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  2. I'm interested! It's been a long time since I've played an angry man ;)

    anyways, are you okay with this moving at a bit of a slow pace? I'm not really a fast poster ;U;
  3. I guess I could role with that. I am normally a pretty fast poster. Just Pm me.
  4. I am open to having more then one rp of this!
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