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  1. Since my other Dragon Age RP isn't really kicking off, and the Mass Effect RP I'm in is moving rather slowly, I've put together an idea to combine both. Don't expect much yet, but any interested go ahead and ask questions.
  2. I don't know much about either of those things, but the title looked really cool

    A breif explanation for the uninitiated who are too lazy to google? :)
  3. Never played Dragon Age, but I loved the Mass Effect series. How were you envisioning them merging? Like, medieval fantasy with magic and lost artifacts, AKA futuristic technology (what comes to mind is Tales of Symphonia with the angels and stuff). Or, more scifi-spacey but with swords, mythical beasts, and magic too?

    I mostly saw "dragon" and decided to comment.

    P.S. I was just thinking, it is good you did not go with the opposite for the title... Mass Age, though, it does have a sort of newtonian steampunk charm.
  4. Not sure how you plan on crossing Mass Effect and Dragon Age, unless you have The Normandy crashland on Thedas maybe.
  5. No need for the Normandy to crash. What if the Normandy weren't a ship?

    Magic would really be biotics, though the species do not understand how they work beyond that they work in different systems (similar to Dragon Age magic). Much of what was the galaxy in Mass Effect would come to a much larger, and slightly modified Thedas, such as the Citadel being one massive city that expands high up into the sky and deep down into the ground and serves as the keep for the Council, again a ruling body over all within their reach. Humans will have similar conflicts, including issues with the Batarians and Turians, and for a seat on the council. Spectres, in a nutshell, are the Grey Wardens. The Darkspawn... I think we'll keep the Darkspawn as they are, and the Archdemons will serve as Primary Antagonists alongside the Reapers. As for the Reapers, I am sorely tempted to leave them as they are, but downsize them a tad and weaken their shields and weapons. They will be the gods of technology that they are in the actual series, but can be killed by heavy biotics, large rocks, and the hotness of the Asari. As for Thedan races, Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and Qunari all exist. But Asari, Turians, Krogan, Salarians, etc., are all there as well, and are the much more powerful races, with increased natural biotic power (artificial biotics are created through implanting traces of element zero inside a body through the use of runes) and weapon crafting (men, elves, and dwarves are all stuck in the age of steel while the rest are crafting weapons made of metal similar to that of the Mass Relays, which are essentially portals that map the entire massive Thedan surface), as well as a much larger military.
  6. Thanks. It was also slightly to draw in people interested in a dragon RP, and snag them with the major BioWare titles.

    Mass Effect takes place in space, the captain screws everyone (except the cougar doctor and the Krogan) on the ship, and machines blow up. Dragon Age takes place in the mystical land called Thedas, the protagonist (be it the heroic Grey Warden/Warden-Commander or the warrior Hawke) screws everyone, demons, monsters, and dragons blow up.

    I've basically covered the basic plot. Any of you still interested?
  7. I'll pass, sounds a bit too guns 'n glory for me

    Thanks anyway!
  8. There's a lot more to it than that, but you asked for something short.
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