Dragon Ball Z: A New Generation of Saiyans

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  1. So I've been writing this story for Fanfiction.net and seem to need some inspiration and ideas on how to continue this story. This is where you come in!

    I'm looking for someone to play Piccolo for my original character, that being said I do not mind if you have your own original character you would like to use if you wanted to double. I also am a sucker for romance and most of my roleplays are rated mature but if you have limits please let me know.

    The plot of the story (in a nutshell) is that long, long ago, before Dragon Ball Z or even Dragon Ball, there was a Saiyan who saw the flaws in his own race and wanted to perfect them by cross breeding with other races to create the perfect warrior race. When the other Saiyans couldn't see his way of thinking, he left the planet and started new, taking the few Saiyans that saw the benefit of his idea. Thousands of years have passed and the planet has a mass population of this new generation of Saiyans, each class having a very important job to do. The collector class gets paired up, one male to one female, and are sent out to different planets, seeking out other races and finding select behaviors or strengths that could create an even more perfect form. Once found, they capture a qualified person of that race and return them to their planet where they are dissected and given proper analysis before injecting the 'perfect' gene into a pregnant woman in which the fetus will absorb that gene and a newer, even more perfect Saiyan is born.

    The Setup is modern day Dragon Ball (during the time that GT would take place), a pair of these new Saiyans are sent to planet Earth, having heard about Goku and his legendary Saiyan strength. They start attacking West City, home of Capsule Corp, to find Goku and catch the attention of Trunks who jumps into action.

    Long story short, the female gets caught between a ki blast and is knocked unconscious and her partner leaves her to die, having nearly being defeated himself by Trunks. When the female wakes up, she has no memory of who she is or why she is there. Trunks takes her back to Capsule Corp for her to heal and to hopefully gain her memory back, but after a few weeks she is still clueless. There is a martial arts tournament being held, and Trunks figures that if she goes there, maybe someone would know who she is.

    At the tournament, all the familiar faces from Dragon Ball Z are there, also wanting to join the tournament. The female meets most of them as Trunks explains what had happened to her. During the tournament, her male partner returns and has also joined the tournament. During a fight with Piccolo, he builds up a large enough blast to destroy the planet. The female, having a split second of her memory come back to her, interferes in the tournament and steps in the way, trying to deflect it because only a new generation Saiyan can. There is an explosion and everything goes dark.

    When the female wakes up, she realizes she is some place completely different. The blast had been deflected, but the power of the deflection had scattered everyone in the tournament to separate parts of the universe, leaving Piccolo and the female to figure out a way back.

    I know this was a little long winded and I AM OPEN TO CHANGING THINGS AROUND to make them more enjoyable for you! Please do not hesitate to ask me to tweak things around and if you have your own idea we do not have to go with this at all!

    If you want to read my first chapter of this plot you can go here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8874260/...ion-of-Saiyans

    I don't think I've forgotten anything...but I might have. PM ME!!!!!!!!
  2. Great! I got your friend request I'll send you a PM and we can go over the details XD