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  1. Beep...beep...beep...beep...

    As the quiet sound ticked by, the whirring engine of a gray scooter bike humming at a slightly louder volume echoed along the dirt road, each bump and bend jostling the vehicle a bit, its pilot focused on the object in her hand, blue eyes glancing between it and the road. Tall trees loomed above the road, warm humid air trapping heat from the sun high above.

    From ahead on the path, branches bent and broke as a curious head poked out, looking at the approaching noise, massive, with a toothy frown. Shirking at the sight of the large reptile, the pilot swerved, banking the scooter away, ducking into the woods. On the rougher path, the pilot held the handlebars tightly as the scooter jumped and staggered on the roots and stones of the untamed wild. Taking the round object in her hand with her mouth, she used her other hand to help steer, eventually managing to get a bit of control, guiding the bike to a smoother part of the forest, eventually breaking free to a clearing. Coming to a stop, the pilot took a breath, glad that it was clear for the moment.

    Stepping from her scooter, the young girl removed her gray goggles, readjusting her grayish-purple hair and tightening the red bow holding her ponytail in place, before wiping off the bits of insect off her goggles with her gloves. Spitting out the device in her mouth, she wiped it off before giving it another look. The gray object was mostly a single screen with a green grid across the black surface. However, it displayed little else except for the occasional orange pulse of static. Seemingly satisfied, if not pleased, the girl switched it off with the tap of a button on top, in between a pair of dials, before placing the gray object into the red satchel on the brown belt around her yellow, one piece dress. Fiddling with the scooter for a moment, the engine was stopped, and a moment later it was engulfed into a cloud of smoke, becoming a small black and gray capsule, the number '11' clear on its surface.

    Wiping her forehead, Bloomer Brief took a few steps towards the nearby stream, pointing her finger as she began, "It has to be...that way?" Panning her finger a bit, she added, "Or that way...maybe somewhere in between..." Letting out a sigh, she'd thought she'd have been more excited for her first major discovery, but now she just wanted to find it and go...
  2. Tap tap tap

    The steps of small feet could be heard tapping against the rock surface of the mountain reaching over the forest. The tapping was overpowered by the sound of a growl that was more like a roar, followed by the sound of much, much larger steps. Steps so large they made it seem as if the mountain itself shook. The naked feet of the small bipedal being would approach the edge of the mountain, the cliff that could very well seal it's fate against the much larger predator.

    The would be prey was a young human boy, with olive skin and long black spiked hair and brown eyes. He was fairly tall for a boy, standing at well above 4 foot. He was clad in a brown and white breastplate with black cloth shorts on his lower body, as well as fur from the nearby animals swept over him, like a poncho, to protect him from the cold nights and the rain.

    The would be predator was a gigantic reptile with two big meaty legs, a big tail and two fairly small arms, a big head with razor sharp teeth. The dinosaur was covered in scars from scratches and dents in it's crimson hide. The boy was running as quickly as he could from the dinosaur, cursing “crap crap crap” under his breath.
    The boy saw a rock in the corner of his eye, a little stone just about small enough to fit in his palm, while running he ducked down and picked the rock up. He would be approaching the cliff, and he did not slow down his sprinting. He would approach the cliff, and as he did he took a deep breath. “Here goes nothing!” He exclaimed, jumping off of the cliff, twisting in the air and tossing the rock as hard as he could at the reptile. The rock would travel through the air as quickly as a bullet and would hit the dinosaur right in the eye, crushing it's eyeball and making it roar out of anger.

    The boy was now free falling from the cliff, a fall that would certainly be 40 meters long. In the palm of his hand a light began to form, a dim purple light would cover his palm, as he pushed his palm forward and the beam of energy shot out, slowing his fall enough and changing his direction ever so slightly that he could grab onto the branches of the nearby trees. The branch he wrapped his hands around would snap and send him down to the next branch, which also broke. He worked his way through roughly 5 or 6 branches before he could keep himself from falling anymore.

    He boy held onto the branch with a tired look on his face. “And all I wanted was to share that deer meat with him..” He mumbled, swinging his way from the branch onto the next one. “Now you've done it, Raditz. Now you're lost..” He complained to himself, climbing down the tree. A sense of vigilance coming over him, he had never been here before, he had never gone down from the mountain before.

    As he was climbing down he heard a shriek behind him, that scared him so much that he lost his grip and would fall down the extra few meters onto the ground. He landed on his head, getting quite the bulging wound in his forehead, a few tears in his eyes as he rubbed his head going 'Ow ow ow'. Looking up, he saw the owl that had scared him fly away from the tree.
  3. Boots tramping on grass and fallen leaf alike, Bloomer was alert as she trekked through the woods. The more she walked, the less patient she got, as branches poked and stretched her, leaves got stuck in her hair, and horrible stenches of rotting carcasses or animal dung hit her nose. Even though she brought it upon herself, she could only grumble: staying on the 'highways' where larger animals traversed would be easier sure, but more dangerous. The river was in sight, but that was another hot spot... Stupid Dragon Radar. No, that was her design...stupid Dragon Balls and their flighty radioactive signals!

    The calling resounding from above, Bloomer couldn't help but look up, trying to spot it. However, a squelching sound from below stopped her step, and she looked down to see the heel of her boot resting in a small pile of fresh excrement.

    Letting out a frustrated groan, Bloomer continued her walk, moving backwards as she dragged her heel in the dirt and grass, doing her best to clean it off. Glancing behind her, she saw a fallen log blocking in her path. Reaching it, she took a seat, propping her head up on her hands and elbows, looking skyward. So early in her journey and she was already having doubts. She was barely 14% done with her adventure yet morale was at a low...

    Tossing her legs over the log and standing, she dusted herself off, blinking as she looked up. Eyes widening, she caught sight of a black haired boy, clad in a cloak, facing away, nursing his head. "Wah!" Bloomer squawked, backing up into the log, where she fell onto her rear. Mind racing with possibilities, she froze for the moment as she considered a way to proceed.
  4. Raditz sat on the ground rubbing his head, the pain was starting to go down, but the swelling was present. He kept cursing silently, until he heard the breaking of sticks around him, too big to be a small animal, but too small to be old Reptile looking for the second course. He looked up, seeing the fairly big person in front of him, sitting on a piece of wood. Raditz gasped, but as he did, he noticed that the other person fell back on the log. He stood up from the grass and made his way towards the fallen native of the land. He moved carefully, slowly lifting his feet, giving the impression he was stalking his prey. He was actually avoiding making any noise so that the being wouldn't attack him.

    Swallowing, Bloomer was able to keep her cool as the boy noticed her. Sweat beading on her forehead, she began to realize she had no real escape route. Not wanting to set off the jungle boy, she stood carefully, managing a weak smile as she raised one arm in greeting, the other slipping behind her back and into her satchel. "H-hello," she said nervously.

    Raditz eyed the girl, till she spoke, which made Raditz instantly dash backwards a few meters. His heart was racing. Who was she? Was she gonna hit him? His only experience with females were a long time ago, and all of them had been very, very mean.

    Expression full of wonder, Bloomer continued to study the jungle boy. Starting to realize what was going on, she let out a sigh of relief. Glancing around, she considered walking along the cliffside, but an idea came to mind. Smiling excitedly, Bloomer crouched a bit, reaching into her satchel, before pulling out a light purple case. Cracking it open, she looked over the numbered, colored capsules, before pulling out one numbered '24', colored in white, green, and blue. Clicking the button, it exploded into a puff of smoke, before a sleek, silver refrigerator appeared, still chill to the touch, just as it was when she stored it. Bloomer cracked open then door, fishing around for a moment before withdrawing a cut of beef, partially wrapped with butcher paper, displaying it with a smile as she quickly kicked the door closed.

    Raditz's eyes widened as he saw how she dug into her satchel, his body tightened up, was it a weapon? It was a small little bean looking thing. She clicked the top of it and in a puff of smoke a big box appeared, looking like something they used back home to heal wounds. Was she hurt? Raditz saw her open the door and take out what Raditz could only think was meat, as the smell of raw meat hit his nose. His body relaxed for a moment, sniffing and looking at the steak he could feel his mouth watering.

    Glancing around in the event some wild animals caught wind, Bloomer wasted no time, stepping forwards and placing the slab of succulent beef on the ground, still safe in its cradle of paper. Leaving the offering, she took a step back, watching carefully.

    He started to move towards the meat in the paper, constantly looking at the girl, his steps were careful and alert. He picked up the meat and then quickly dashed back towards the trees, unwrapping it and with a moment of concentration he heated it up using energy sent from his finger. He chewed the meat up in a matter of seconds. He hadn't eaten in a day or so.

    As the smell of cooked meat hit her nostrils, Bloomer could only gawk. What had he just done? There was a little flash and...this was fascinating! Heart pounding at her new discovery, she returned the fridge to its capsule state, slipping it back into her case, before turning back and watching the jungle boy eat a bit more. With a sly smile, she reached her hand down her collar and into her shirt, before removing a smaller, orange case. Cracking it open, she withdrew a yellow capsule with red lettering reading '72', before activating it, another small cloud of smoke appearing. Tightly gripped in her hands was a large, fist sized jewel, orange and slightly translucent, yet lustrous, a pair of red stars visible within. Clutching it tightly to her chest, she turned back to the jungle boy, trying to form a plot to get his assistance.

    Once he was nearly done with his meal, Bloomer slowly began to creep over, jewel still clutched to her chest. Once she got about a meter and a half away, she held it up, pointing at the Ball, nodding, before pointing out into the wilderness, then taking her hand and holding it above her eyes, scanning in an exaggerated fashion.

    Raditz finished the meat, tossing the piece of bone that was in the middle aside into the forest. His eyes peered at the girl, whom got out another one of those mystic beans, and in a puff of smoke another container came out, from which she took out a orange sphere, with red stars in it. She held it up and pointed at it, as if she was trying to tell him something. Raditz raised his eyebrow, walking towards her, slowly.
    "D-Do you want me to have it?" Raditz asked the girl.
  5. "No, sorry, it's mine, but..." Trailing off, Bloomer began to hear the jungle boy's words echoing in her ears. She froze, staring blankly, face becoming blank, eyes glossy. Several awkward seconds passed, the girl staring blankly, before her jaw dropped, the girl letting out a scream, throwing her hands into the air, the Dragon Ball flying upwards, thumping against the ground. Skittering away, Bloomer ran back to the log, watching the boy cautiously. Remembering the Ball, she quickly hopped forwards, snatching it, before backing up.

    Trying to make sense of things, Bloomer muttered incomprehensibly, "You...huh? Wh-wh-wha? Buh-huh? Bla?" Shaking her head, she finally snarled, "YOU COULD TALK THE WHOLE TIME!?" Eye twitching, she shook her fists, growling, "Who are you!?"
  6. He saw the woman's jaw drop as soon as she had registered what he had said. And then she screamed. Her scream scared Raditz and made him flee. Raditz jumped backwards, high into the air, landing a few meters away. The orange sphere flew into the air and after it hit the ground the woman would run and pick it up again before backing up again. Raditz was watching here with his eyes staring at her intently, in case she would be aggressive he would be ready to run.
    The woman shook her fist and screamed at him. Raditz's intent look broke and he started to look at her with a worried look.

    "Y-You didn't ask if I could" He responded to her first question before taking a moment to think his next response over. "I-I'm Raditz. W-Who are you?"
  7. Calming a bit, Bloomer muttered to herself, "Raditz, huh?" Brushing her bangs aside for a moment, she had to think on that for a second: she hadn't heard a name quite like that before...did he name himself? Maybe his parents were just weird.

    Sighing in relief, she admitted, "Well, I guess I'm glad I don't have to talk in sign language. Anyway, my name is Bloomer Brief. I'm the heir to Capsule Corporation from West..." Trailing off, Bloomer shook her head, muttering, "Wait you probably don't know anything about that."

    Holding up the large jewel again, she began, "Anyway, I'm looking for more like this. See the stars in the middle? It'd have either less or more, but this one is the only one with two stars. They're called Dragon Balls..." Looking up at the nearby cliff, she added, "Any sort of landmarks around here where I could look?"
  8. His eyes widened as she explained who she was, her name was Bloomer Brief. Heir to some sort of empire in the west. While he was not a fan of emperors in the grand scale of things. This female seemed harmless. She lifted up the sphere over her head and the sun could shine through the leaves above them through the ball, making it look like it was glowing.

    "The dragon's what?" Raditz asked instantly, taking a moment to process what she had just said "Oh. I get it now." He mumbled. "Uh. Well, there is the three really big rocks up at the top.. B-But, uh, I wouldn't go up there. There's a big monster up there, and I think I just took out it's eye.. so it's gotta be pretty angry.." Raditz admitted, looking backwards to the bone remnants of the stake he had eaten, his stomach was growling.

    "Do you have anymore of that meat, miss?" the long haired boy asked.
  9. Mulling over his words, Bloomer took a moment to return the Dragon Ball to its case before glancing up at the cliff again confidently. As she went for her capsule case, Raditz spoke up once more about food.

    Bloomer thought for a moment, before a cunning grin slipped onto her face, if only for a moment. Nodding, she began, "I'll tell you what: help me find the Dragon Ball, and I'll make sure you're full up on food!"

    Opening her case, she withdrew a yellow and blue capsule numbered '16', activating it. In a cloud of smoke, a small, round windowed helicopter appeared. The paint was yellow on the top half and blue on the bottom, it lacked doors to the sides of its single seat, and its black blades hanging in the air. Climbing up, she sat down, legs resting on the lip of the opening. Bloomer admitted, "There's not a lot of room, but what do you say?"
  10. She opened another case, getting out a metal bean looking thing, she pressed it and another cloud of smoke puffed open. When the smoke settled there were a machine there with big blades on the top. Was it a weapon? The girl didn't seem to turn hostile, so the jungle boy could safely assume that was not the case. Then what was it for? "I'll tell you what: help me find the Dragon Ball, and I'll make sure you're full up on food!" she told him, getting into the strange machine.
    Food, food would be nice. She asked him what his thoughts was. Did she want him to get into the machine? Raditz didn't trust the mechanical marvel, so instead he took a step back.
    "I.. I'll follow on foot." He said, keeping his eyes on the machine.
  11. Bloomer blinked at Raditz's simple reply. Looking upward at the cliff, Bloomer let out a long sigh, before finishing, "Suit yourself."

    Turning to the cockpit proper, Bloomer put on a pair of sound dampening headphones before making a quick input, allowing the helicopter to come to life, engine whirring as it started up. With a few more adjustments, the blades began to spin, and the helicopter began to rise, nearby tree tops shaking as the air around them was disturbed. Manipulating the stick, the helicopter continued to rise, until it went above the cliff and treeline, Bloomer glancing around, trying to get a good view of the area and its landmarks from above. Moving forwards a bit, crossing the edge of the cliff from the top, Bloomer glanced down to roughly were Raditz was.

    The poor kid was going to die down there, wasn't he?

    Setting the heli to stay stationary, Bloomer slipped her hand behind the pilot's seat until she found a pair of binoculars, placing them over her eyes as she began to find the aforementioned landmark.
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