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  1. I am super excited for Dragon Age 3 to be coming out tomorrow and want to do a Dragon Age rp. I want to play as either one of the female Wardens, or as female Hawke. If I'm playing as a mage in the first game, I would like to play as the Amell and be in a romance with Cullen, with either the city or Dalish elf I want them with Zeveran, and with the nobal human I want her with Alistair and for them to end up becoming king and queen. For Hawke...she could be with any of the three guys you can pick from in the second game.
  2. This actually sounds rather fun to me, though I'd definitely need to brush up on my characters for this to work out as you seem to want it too. Hope you're still looking ^^
  3. A'right. Would you want to talk more about this in PMs, or continue chatting here? I'm fine with either.
  4. Yeah, just send me a pm and we can talk more
  5. If I play someone for you, can you play Fenris for me? :3
  6. It would depend, I don't play as males in m/f rps.
  7. Well see, I don't like to either, but I usually don't mind as long as we both double, because then it's fair.
    If you really don't want to, it's fine. I just haven't found anyone else to RP Dragon Age.
  8. Its just not something I'm comfortable with
  9. Okay then. Thanks for replying.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.