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  1. I have wanted to have a Dragon Age roleplay for a while now. I've been putting thought into a story, now I just need some interested players.

    What I need from anyone who is interested:

    - I'll need three of you, for a full party of four players.
    - Know a decent amount of the finer details of the universe. Things like the conflict between the Chantry and mages. The history and tension between elves and humans. Where the Darkspawn come from, their various forms. Who and what the Qunari are. Things like this. I don't want you to be lost when these come up.
    - Try not to all be the same class or race. No 3 elven rogues, for example. Let's have a little diversity. Speaking of the Qunari, if you want to be a Kossith they are fair game!

    The story so far:

    An underground organization of blood mages have been terrorizing the land of Fereldin. Abducting apostates and circle mages alike, they have only recently been discovered by the Chantry when Knight Commander Bradley came across the apostate Garth, who had escaped from the Tower several months ago and was assumed dead. Garth, seemingly having a knack for running away, spoke of the horrors that befell him at the hands of a group he called the Painted Demons. According to Garth, this name comes from the mark they give their members, willingly or not, called the Brand of Blood.

    The Brand of Blood is obtained through a blood magic ritual, forcing blood magic into the mage without the need of a pact with a demon. The members then join the cult, knowing what the outside world thinks of blood mages and thus, leaving them with nowhere else to go. Garth however, is no ordinary mage and would rather face the wrath of the Templar order than serve the Painted Demons who turned him into a 'monster'.


    -Remembers Oghren so very clearly.-

    Count me interested.

    So I can kill the Revered Mother.

    Damned whore... >>
  4. Well since I'll be playing Garth, a blood mage, our little group won't be too big with the Chantry anyway.

    On that note, we're going to primarily act as anti-heroes. Screwing the rules is going to happen. We'll still probably need a good excuse to have the Revered Mother killed... but I'm all for it. Fuk da police... or something.
  6. Odgren was the man!

    or Dwarf! >.>

    I might volunteer.
  7. Dual wield warrior, Beserker/Paragon - Spirit warrior

    the world may throw it's curses at me, but i shall not yield.
  8. Ooooh, I want to join! It's been some time since I played Dragon Age, but I've actually been thinking about restarting it. If there's space for me, I'm very much interested, and like the idea.
  9. Templar \o

    Maybe with other specializations if allowed.
  10. Totally reserving a spot as assassin, since no one else seems to have taken that role yet.
  11. There is no other assassin, presently. Feel free to fill the void.

    To anyone this may apply to - I'm aware the games allow for the selection of 2 specializations (or 3, in Awakening) but for the sake of simplicity I'm going to ask that you pick ONE specialization for your character.

    Also for anybody who missed this in the conference box, we will be bending some of the skills and spells to better suit a written roleplay as opposed to a video game. Because of that, if you come up with ideas for a spell or other such ability you'd like to have, bring them to me somehow (PM, find me in Cbox or anything like that) and I'll let you know if it's alright.

    Character sheets will soon be in the works.
  12. I'd like to play as a shapeshifter, possibly also an apostate since we'll be anti-heroes. I like to think of him as mostly a primal mage, but that's not really a valid specialization :P
  13. I am Danishlish Elf...Rogue...Arrow shooty person!
  14. Character sheets are finished! I ask all of you interested to fill one out when you can.

    I will be filling out Garth's sheet when I find a good picture for him... >>
  15. "If it means I can finally become a member of the Couslins, then yes, I'm so in."
  16. ...I just realized it's been a week and I still haven't made my character sheet. Fuck, I'm sorry, it's just hard to get computer time without one of my bosses screeching at me. I'll get on it ASAP.
  17. Don't worry about it, guys.