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  1. Ferelden Chronicles
    “If you want to survive, you must learn the rules and realize that sometimes, sacrifices are necessary.” ―First Enchanter Irving
    [♕00] The Magi Origin

    The Tranquils had been sent earlier that evening to retrieve what little items she possessed, but she kindly declined. She wanted to enjoy the transition of moving to the nice, spacious Mages' Quarters from the cramped Apprentice Quarters of which she resigned in for many years. There were a few apprentices who had shown negativity in this turn of events; they were jealous and she loved basking in it. "Good luck with your Harrowings!" she sang with a sickingly sweet smile to boot. Jowan had agreed to go with her and she was glad that they had gotten all her stuff in one trip. She feared that if they hadn't, her stuff would no longer be in the condition she found them in.

    Despite her eagerness, she couldn't help but grow annoyed with Jowan's continuous complaints along the way. "-and then he had the audacity to label me a blood mage! Can you believe it?" It was true that rumors had been spreading around about her male friend dabbling in the forbidden arts, but it was clearly a false accusation. She had told him to just ignore it, but his natural panicked nature kept him from doing so. True, there were small possibilities that the Templars that watched them day in and day out would believe it, but they would have to have proof before they did anything and she was positive there would be none. Even so, their was a tiny inkling of suspicion in the back of her mind that wondered if this rumor had some truth to it.

    "-and then I even had a mage approach me and ask the same thing!"

    A light sigh was released from the blonde female which gained Jowan's attention. "Jowan, can't you just be happy for me without droning on and on about your personal issues? I survived my Harrowing for gods sake; I would love it if my drama-prone best friend would acknowledge that." A guilt ridden expression was shown and a few mumbled words were the only reply she received until they made it up to the Mages' Quarters. "I'm sorry, Katerina. I really am glad you are alright; it's just these rumors are really starting to get to me." the male replied, setting down the two boxes that were in his possession.

    Katerina did the same, but instead of replying she plopped down onto her new bed. She could really tell the difference between the old bunk beds they used downstairs. Grabbing Jowan's hand and yanking him down beside her, she wrapped an arm around his neck. "Pucker up!" she sang jokingly, puckering up her own lips and inching closer until her face was met with a pillow. "Oh, Jowan, your lips are so silky!" she laughed. Jowan couldn't help but crack a smile at his female friend's silliness, but soon straightened up when a figure made its way past the privacy divider and into her part of the quarters.

    "Will you quiet down? You're distracting everyone from their studies!" the mage uttered bitterly, gaining a sheepish grin and apology from the newly Harrowed mage. Jowan chuckled and shook his head for a moment before beginning to speak up again. "Oh, I had almost forgotten. First Enchanter Irving wishes to speak with you."

    It was true that Irving had requested her presence. The old man was someone Katerina had always looked up to and someone who had always pushed her to go the extra mile when she thought it as impossible. He was a perosnal tutor to her and like a father in her eyes. He was like family and she respected him greatly. This being said, she couldn't help but feel a little more proud of herself when he told a recent arrival of her accomplishment, but it came to her as a surprise when she discovered this arrival was a Grey Warden. Duncan, as Irving introduced, was here to recruit a mage for the oncoming battle in Ostagar. She had walked in on those two and Gregoir, a bitter Templar, arguing on the matter. Irving didn't say anything more on the topic, but she understood what he was thinking when he asked her to escort Duncan to his room.

    Walking beside the Grey Warden formed butterflies in the pit of her stomach. If what First Enchanter Irving was implying was true, then that meant that she would be leaving with this Grey Warden when it was time for him to part ways. The idea of being able to leave this dull tower and see the outside world excited her to no end. Ever since she was a child, she had dreamt about leaving this place. Only one other mage before this battle existed was capable of escaping: Anders. Even so, he was now being hunted by Templars everywhere. To be able to leave without breaking Chantry law was an oppurtunity she could not slander. When Duncan bid his farewell and entered his quarters, Katerina's attention was caught by a whisper saying her name. She turned abruptly, only to be met with a distraught Jowan.

    "Going through another personal crisis?" she questioned sarcastically.
  2. "No! come on this is serious!" Jowan hissed grabbing his friend's hand and pulling her aside, "I need your help! You've got to listen to me!" Jowan looked more serious than he ever had been in the entire time Katerina had known him. He was very afraid of what his friend would think, she had always been a kind of by-the-book kid and was definitely close to the First Enchanter. His mind wondered weather or not he could trust her. Would she spill the beans on him? Would she be trustworthy? She had to be, they were friends after all.....right?

    Without waiting for a response from her he pulled his friend off to the Chapel. Off in the corner stood Lily, a red-headed young lady who was going to start her work for the Chantry soon. Lily appeared very nervous and Jowan seemed more fearful than normal. He pulled Katerina into the quiet corner. Lily looked over to them, adjusting her robes a bit. Jowan shifted quite a bit on his feet. "Now I know you're probably not going to like this idea but just hear me out ok? This is Lily she's an initiate and...well... I love her. Now I know that it's forbidden and that's where I need your help. They aren't going to put me through the Harrowing! They're going to make me Tranquil! I can't....I just can't stand for that!"

    He had started to raise his voice quite a bit and Lily had to put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "We need your help Katerina, there's only one way out for him." Lily explained, "We need to get his phylactery so that we can escape." Jowan looked to his dear friend. "You'll help us won't you????" his big brown eyes stared at her like a puppy when it wants a treat, "We REALLY need your help! Please....PLEASE help us!!" His face showed that he wouldn't take no for an answer. Lily was a bit worried, she didn't know this other woman. How could they possibly trust her? She had just become a mage hadn't she? Certainly she would rat them out to the First Enchanter. The very thought made her fear for her life.
  3. “I need to think about this.” Katerina mumbled, unsure of whether or not to follow through with this idea. Her first thought was to merely give in to their request and aid them in destroying Jowan’s phylactery. It was one that was more favorable to her friendship with the male, but she wasn’t one to go behind First Enchanter Irving’s back. By doing this, she would have indefinitely let him down as well as the Circle that she was now apart of. How can he be so selfish?, she had questioned as she walked the corridors of the Tower. He is jeopardizing everything I worked so hard to accomplish. If they discover that I helped a mage escape then they will banish me from the Circle. No doubt, she was furious, but she wasn’t about to let her friend so some stupid task.

    She continued to ponder what to do until she unconsciously reached Irving’s study. When the elder mage called out her name, she snapped back to reality. “First Enchanter,” she began, approaching him nervously, “I am afraid something has transpired with Jowan.” Irving held up a patient hand in order to silence her. He began to ask, or rather state, that it had something to do with his forbidden love for an initiate of the Chantry. His words shocked her for a moment.

    “He’s planning to destroy his phylactery.”

    “Then I say, go along with their plan.”

    Jowan was rather eager that his female friend decided to help them and instructed her to retrieve a fire rod. It wasn’t too long before she returned with the object in hand. They were ready to go. As the trio were walking along the corridors, trying to appear inconspicuous, Katerina had spotted a templar talking with Gregoir. They both looked rather urgent and a strange feeling hit the pit of her stomach. I’m not doing anything wrong. I am merely trying to protect my friend. Gregoir will know that I’m working for the Circle - not against it. Everything will be fine… Katerina shook her head and continued on. It wasn’t long before they reached the large double doors and snuck in.
  4. Jowan was more concerned with what would happen to him or Lily if they got caught rather than his friend.

    Outside Gregoir was uneasy about what had been going on lately. He had some suspicion that something wasn't right with Jowan. The First Enchanter had not told Gregoir about what was going on. He was certain Katerina would not let him down. He went though the books on blood magic at his desk as Gregoir came in.

    "First Enchanter, I have some concerns about a few of your mages," he said rather bitterly.

    "Who is this about Gregoir?" He asked peering over the book.

    "That Jowan. He's going to go through the Rite of Tranquility correct?" Gregoir affirmed.

    "Yes Gregoir, what is your concern?" Irving raised an eyebrow.

    "I fear he may be trying to escape. He's been jumpier than normal, always looking around carefully as if he's got something to hide. I think that Katerina has knowledge of whatever he is doing. I'd like to request that Jowan be placed under heavy watch as well as Katerina, at least until Jowan is Tranquil."

    Irving placed the book to the side. "Gregoir, do not worry. Everything will be taken care of. Let us go for a bit of a walk, shall we?" He offered as he stood up.

    Gregoir tried to object but Irving gave him a knowing look. He had a feeling that the trio would soon be coming out from the basement, perhaps they would catch them just in time.
  5. The phylactery slipped from Jowan’s hands in an agonizingly slow way. Silence spread throughout the three as they stared at the shattered glass and inklings of blood splattered on the floor. The moment it fell from his hands was the moment Katerina knew they had done something that would only bring trouble in the future. She felt her churn at the sight and she could hardly look at Jowan for a moment. Why did she feel this way? Did she not trust her own best friend? Did she not believe in First Enchanter Irving when he told her that everything was going to be alright?
    Once they exited the basement, there they awaited. Irving, Gregoir, Duncan, and a few templars stood guard near the entrance, immediately sending Jowan and Lily into a panicked stance. “So what you said was true, Irving.” Gregoir began, approaching the trio. Despite her safe position in all of this, Katerina felt her stomach drop at the cold gaze of the templar. “G-Greagoir.” Lily said in shocked.
    Greagoir proceeded to talk, throwing a few insults and dirty looks towards Jowan, and his obvious disapproval with Katerina’s involvement. Irving responded with, “She is here under my orders, Greagoir. I take full responsibility for her actions.” Jowan’s feeling of betrayal was obvious to the blonde, but his betrayal had shocked her the most. When Greagoir threatened to send Lily away, Jowan had pulled out a dagger from his robes and stabbed his own hand. B-blood magic?

    Both Lily and her, the only ones not touched by Jowan’s magic, were horrified. Lily stepped back in fear and Katerina merely stood there in shock. Jowan attempted to reason with Lily, but she felt too betrayed to listen. When Jowan ran out the doors, Katerina rushed to Irving’s aid. When they were all on their feet, Greagoir had threatened Katerina with a punishment when surprisingly, Duncan intervened. “I would like to recruit this young mage into the Grey Wardens.”

    And so it was done. Katerina had enjoyed the idea of joining the Grey Wardens, but now her mind was so distraught. This morning her thoughts consisted of joining the Circle and her future as a mage. Later, they turned into concern for Jowan and transitioned into questions about her future within the Grey Wardens and at Ostagar. One thought continuously came to mind, making her more uneasy as they approached their desitination.
    Will I survive?
    [♕01] The Dwarf Noble Origin
  6. Garnet Aeducan had just gotten up. Today was an important day for her and she could hardly contain her excitement. It was going to be her first big position and she wasn't about to let her father down. She smiled as her dear friend and second Gorim Saelac entered the room. He gave a big chuckle as she brushed her messy black hair out of her face. Her brown eyes still had a hint of sleepiness in them.

    "Well Lady Garnet, how are you feeling this morning?" he laughed, "Have a fight with your pillows again?"

    "Ah Shut it Gorim," she laughed as she scolded him, "I happen to have slept pretty well."

    "Well excuse me my lady," he mocked her, "So what are ye thinkin' fer the feast tonight?"

    "Traditional stuff my friend. I want to make father proud," She replied as she put him in a headlock, "I oughta knock you one."

    "I give I give!" he laughed, "Well let's get ye ready then."

    With Gorim's help she was soon dressed and her hair returned to its usual thick braid. He patted her back with a grin.

    "We've got a few hours before the feast, what would ye like to do?" he asked.

    "I heard there's a proving going on, can we go see it?" she grinned at him, "I think father might be trying to sell me off to the strongest arm!"

    Gorim laughed at her. "Aye, that he is. I take it ye want to go and give 'em what for?"

    "As if I ever had anything else in mind?"

    The two headed out of the palace. As they walked the servants made sure to stay clear of the rowdy middle child favored by their king. They knew better than to spoil her good mood. When her spirits were high she tended to be quite generous but her moods were known to take sudden turns. No one could afford to sour her mood, it was far too important a day. King Endrin had given specific instructions to keep her cheery so long as she was in the palace. The two joked and laughed as they often did, headed out for the diamond quarter to explore the shops.
  7. Gorim followed behind the woman as they exited the commons. As he always had, King Endrin was throwing an annual dinner for the officials and royal family. Before hand there were always Provings. The Provings were the most anticipated events for many of the dwarfs. Some would be able to boast their strength to others and some would become champions, getting things such as money and fame throughout Orzammar. There was no doubt in Gorim's mind that Garnet would want to attend. She was a rowdy one and as everyone else, these Provings were something pretty entertaining to watch.

    As they approached the Diamond Quarter, the sounds of bickering could be heard. "Surely we could work this out reasonably!" someone hollered. "Its in the records. There's nothing that I can do! Please, Master Vollney, my word is accredited by the shaper!" The other dwarf crossed his arms over his chest. "These books are lies written by the enemies of House Vollney." The other dwarf remained panicked, "I write only what I find in the ancient records." He then turned to Garnet. "Lady Aeducan, you can vouch for my work, can't you? Your father loved my 'History of Aeducan: Paragon. King. Peacemaker!"

    Gorim resisted releasing an agitated sigh. It was something constant in Orzammar. Two dwarfs bickering and searching for the nearest noble to pick their side. Garnet didn't need this and he hoped it didn't spoil her good mood.
  8. Garnet was excited about the Provings, after all it was in part for her. She was in a great mood, she was tempted to enter the proving though she thought about running it by her Gorim first. She had turned to speak to Gorim about it when those two called to her. She gave a frustrated sigh as she turned to the arguing men.

    "Shut it both of you! I do not vouch for others! Your worth must be proven on your own!" she snapped, "If your work cannot speak for itself then don't ask for others words to support it!"

    Her mood was slightly soured now. She hated petty arguments that they try to settle by bringing others. Without another word she grabbed Gorim's hand and headed out towards the Proving arena.

    "Gorim, I'm entering the Proving. Unless you've got a better way to cheer me up?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

    "What about something sweet? I know how much you like sweets," he offered, "We could watch the provings and eat!"

    Her frown changed to a grin and she slapped his back playfully. "Great! You always know the way to my heart, through my stomach!"

    The two laughed a bit as they headed to watch the provings, soon gathering a few snacks to munch on. They watched the Provings together. The entire thing was highly entertaining to her and she was glad to watch. Gorim had to breathe a sigh of relief, if she had entered her father would've been angry. She didn't care why the Proving was going on, all she cared was that they were all fighting with gusto.