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Dragon Age, anyone?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by moffnat, Jan 28, 2016.

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  1. It's me. Again.


    I'm such a sucker for Inquisition. I'm in need of some quality roleplays for this fandom PRONTO. I just finished the Trespasser DLC and I'm aching so hard for something to fill this Dragon Age void I have in my heart. PLEASE. I will love you forever. (Note that I did not play DAII, but I've played Origins and Inquisition many times.)

    • Please be 16 years or older.
    • No females-only roleplayers. I don't want to be expected to play the male role every time. Broaden your horizons. That being said, I have no role preference.
    • Adept or above. Advanced preferred.
    • Multiple paragraph replies. Throw me a bone pls.
    • Smut is an option for 18+ partners.
    • NO SELF-INSERTION OC'S. Please make your character interesting. (Not that you're not interesting, just...you get it, yeah?)
    • I'm ditcher-friendly, just tell me beforehand!
    • Give this post any rating if you even read this part.
    • Open to aesthetic formatting yes please?? (I can teach you how!)
    • Grasp the English language.
    • Friendliness is very much preferred.
    • I take roleplaying seriously. I ask that you do too.
    Plot Options

    Far in the future*
    Back in the past
    First Inquisition
    Modern AU??**

    Cullen x OC/Inquisitor**
    Solas x Inquisitor***
    Josephine x OC/Inquisitor
    Josephine x Blackwall*
    Iron Bull x Dorian
    Inquisitor x OC**


    PM me if interested. Thank you!
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  2. Hot Daniel! I literally just beat Inquisition again for like the third time a few weeks ago. It's so sad that Bioware probably won't be releasing the next one for a few years. ): Inquisition is easily one of the best RPG games that have ever been made. Shoot me a PM so we can set something up! I haven't played any of the DLC's yet, but I watched a Trespasser game-play around the time it came out. im hoping this will fill the void in my heart /:

    Edit: Also, I'd love to role-play as Cullen. He's sO cUTe !! Anyway, just thought I'd add that in here, lol.
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  3. We might be soulmates. A PM is coming your way!


    If you'd be up for doing that, please shoot me a pm! I'd be fine playing either character, just let me know which you'd prefer!
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  5. I'm still looking! <3
  6. Cullen x OC/Inquisitor in either post tresspasser or Modern AU
  7. I'd love some more if anyone's open!
  8. I'm interested if you are still looking! 8D I am curious though as to what parts you are hoping to play? That way I know if I am a good match. I usually prefer OC roles to be honest, but I can do some Canon characters, depending on who they are 8D
  9. I can play either role! If you want to double, I'm open to it depending on where we take the plot. PM me? :)
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