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  1. Alright, I'll let you set the scene since you know where you want to start more than me
  2. (Alright. If you remember reading my resume, Rose and her companion are searching for an Orc tribe.)

    Rose quickly unsheathed Kramanier, expecting battle to erupt. But soon she realized it was but a doe, an ambiance of the forest. Sighing, Rose then sheathed her glowing red blade. "Sometimes, I really don't like nature," she murmured, waiting for her companion to catch up.
  3. Rose's first sign of Reveria's presence was a whizzing sling bullet. It flew past the woman and hit the doe square in the side of the skull. Reveria brushed up against Rose as she passed, whispering. "Mmmmm, good eating. We have supper." She pulled out a hunting knife and deftly gutted the deer, disposing of the entrails and then wrapping it in some oil cloth. She placed the corpse on her back, using some spare rope to tie its legs together. "We will cook it when we make camp. Know how much longer till we find the orcs? Cant wait to get to skull cracking."
  4. "The only one who's going to crack some skulls will be me, unless things go haywire." Rose folded her arms. "We need their allegiance, not their hostility." The Blood Red Maiden continued to push away the shrubs and bushes, until a very long and thin branch cut her arm.

    Maiden, I ssssmell blood...

    She ignored the voice of her blade, instead grabbing it's hilt and cutting away the shrub. The ancient markings and text made the crimson sword glow a bit, though it was a dull glow, for it had not feasted upon blood in the recent week.
  5. The sporeling chuckled lightly and hefted her great club back onto her free shoulder. "Uh huh, but have you ever even dealt with orcs before? That is how their society works. The biggest, baddest, and strongest rule. The wisest is the advisor. Anyone can be challenged and deposed. It is a very violent species, that one. My clan ran into them pretty frequently, and let me tell you, they hate peaceful groups unless you prove that they would lose a war." Reveria herself basically moved through the brush unhindered. The branches and leaves seemed to practically bend out of her way as she passed. Being a druid did have its perks, but then again, most people hated druids since they tended to prevent civilization from encroaching upon sacred areas.
  6. Chopping another branch down, the woman turned to Reveria. "Actually, I've never even seen an Orc. Just stories, really. My father would always tell me they left people alone, as long as people left them alone. Heh, guess I need to get more educated, huh?" Another whack sent yet another branch out of her way. Changing the subject, she said over her shoulder, "Why not make yourself useful and move these branches for me." Rose moved away, allowing Reveria to lead.
  7. She shrugged and took the lead. The branches and leaves did move, but they stayed like that only shortly, so Rose would have to be nearly up against Reveria's back to prevent getting thwacked. "They do keep to themselves if left alone, unless you have something they don't already have. We had a lot of medicine, so they kept trying to extort us for it. We would have traded had they sent diplomats or shamans and not warriors, but we had to send them away or kill the ones that pressed. So, just keep on your toes."
  8. A branch hit her face, making her swear. "Well, let's hope these Orcs are more friendly than what you say." Frustrated that Reveria, Rose cut in front of the druid. "Thanks for helping," she murmured, rolling her eyes. It wasn't until she walked six feet before something tied around her legs, yanking her up into the air. She now hung upside down from a tree. "Really? First branches, now traps?"
  9. Her companion sighed, rather obviously annoyed at Rose's lack of perception and patience. "Plants move out of my way since we can talk and are allies. They afford no such privilege to those who do not understand them." She drew her hunting knife and walked over to the trapped woman. "Oh, and we are getting close to their territory. Traps are their way of warning you to leave. I'm sure the warriors check these daily in case of prisoners." She wrapped her free arm around Rose's waist and sliced the line, using her grip to direct her companion's fall to the ground. She made sure Rose wouldn't hit her head fist, but Reveria basically dropped her on the forest floor once no lethal danger was presenting itself. The druid barely missed a step and was already moving forward, checking for more traps and disabling or bypassing them.
  10. (Had some computer problems, just got it fixed an hour ago. Sorry for the inconvenience >~<)

    Rose grunted, rubbing her ankles. The rope had wrapped around her ankles a little too tightly. Despite this, she carried on, following Reveria. After a while, Rose's ankles felt like they were burning. Not like fire burn, but more of a stinging burn. She couldn't quite describe it, so she kept it to herself, sneaking a healing potion when her companion's back was turned. The pain dulled, but still lingered. Putting the flask of the healing liquid back into her pack, an odd odor found it's way to her lungs. It was rather raw, and smelled of sweat and muscle. Just like how they were described in the stories. Rose tapped Reveria's shoulder, glancing around, a hand on the hilt of Kramanier. "We aren't alone," she whispered.
  11. Reveria shrugged her club off her shoulder, hefting it surprisingly easily in one hand. "They aren't very good at ambushes. Doesn't help you can smell them from about forty paces." She adopted a readied stance, but she seemed much, much less concerned overall. Orcs were, after all, very straightforward. It would only be a problem if they got too outnumbered. With Rose being unused to forest fighting, Reveria could only imagine how difficult it might be for her to be effective. "I can speak some Orcish, but it might be a different dialect."
  12. "Let's not fight them, yet. We may be able to talk with them." Her hand, however, remained on the hilt of Kramanier. "If you can speak Orcish, then I'll relay the words to you. My blade may be sharp, but words can be the sharpest piece of equipment." Rose then walked forwards, away from Reveria's back. "Greetings. I am the Blood Red Maiden. Perhaps you've heard of me?"
  13. The shroomling relayed the greetings as best as she could, but she obviously fumbled with the intonations and pronunciations a little for words not often used in trading deals. She did accurately translate the ideas, though. She did not expect this to work, but they were sent diplomatically. They had to at least try. As she spoke, she could hear a few disapproving grunts. It seems the Orcish she learned may be from a rival clan. This would only complicate matters if it were. Orcs were very particular about who they dealt with.
  14. An orc stepped from the shadows, clad in leather drapes and pants, no shirt or armor. One of the curled horns above his mouth had been removed entirely, and his skin was a dark green. He carried with him a mace, which he slung over his shoulder. "You come here in peace, yet you use the words of another clan?"

    Rose, happy to know the orc spoke Talismanian, quickly replied, "My friend is very limited with her speech. She can barely say a word in this language. I apologize in advance for any other insults. We are here to see your chieftain, Ulrag the Brutal?"

    The orc frowned. "Only those privileged enough are allowed to speak to our chieftain. Unless you already have, you must go South, find one of the ancient mammoth mating grounds, and slay an alpha male mammoth. You must as well bring back it's tail, and only then you may speak with the great Ulrag."

    Now this angered Rose. All they had been doing was heading North for two straight weeks on foot, and now the orcs wanted them to go all the way back? She wouldn't stand for this. "Do you really think I came all this way just to take an extra five weeks to come back? Do you even realize how pissed off I am?"

    The orc was at a lost for words. Rose's voice was harsh, even for an orc to bear. "Well, I, uh..."

    "You what? You're gonna fight me to the death or something? Do I need to lob off your ugly green head from your testosterone infested body?"

    The other orcs began to move further back, as well as the orc who had spoken.

    "What? Are you all just a bunch of fucking pussies?! What happened to the strong warriors I keep hearing about? Or are you all just afraid of a woman?" Rose let her anger flow through all within hearing distance, collecting her breath for another outburst.
  15. Reveria sighed softly and got into a full battle stance. She had a feeling this would go badly. "Well, no wonder why you are the premier diplomat here. You sure have a way with soothing and befriending people." The orcs would be relatively easy for her. They may have thick skulls, but her club tended to smash all skulls equally well. Well, maybe except a dragon, but she didn't face many of them. She planned no attempt to soothe the orcs. They were already pissed and would attack regardless. No need to even waste breath for anything but destroying.
  16. Seething, Rose replied, "And what the Hell have you been doing, huh? You're just standing around, not doing shit!" Rose sighed, turning back to the orcs. "Listen, me and my plant loving friend here have been traveling non-stop for half a month. All I would like to do right now is sit down, get a foot massage, and drink some ale. Can we not at least have that courtesy before we start slashing swords and smashing skulls?" She looked to Reveria when she mentioned smashing skulls, rolling her eyes.

    The orc, who had spoken to Rose, cupped his chin. "Fine. But only if the Druid is to surrender her club." He pointed to the large piece of wood.
  17. Reveria chuckled and hefted the log. "And why would you want a piece of wood pray tell? You wouldn't even be good at using it. It is balanced for me and me alone." She tossed the club to the orc's feet. The heft itself was impressive, but she snatched a branch from an adjacent bush should she need to make a new one. "Take care of it. I expect it back in my hands. If it is not returned upon our departure, you will get first hand experience with its potential. Are we clear?"
  18. The orc nodded, the rest of them walking from their hiding spots. An orc offered to take the club, grabbing hold of it. However, he found it surprisingly heavy and struggled for a long time. Another orc helped him carry the club, walking after Rose and their apparent leader.

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