down the rabbit hole...wait this is wonderland?.....

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  1. ok so everyone knows the story of Alice in wonderland well they don't know this one...this is the story of Alice and how she found "wonderland"....she didn't fall down a rabbit hole she was kidnapped well more like tricked by a sneaky bunny.

    rp girl.png

    basically id like to make a pairing of Alice and one of 5 different characters #1 the white rabbit #2 the Cheshire cat #3 the mad hatter #4 the prince of hearts (red queens son) or #5 an OC of your choice needless to say this rp will be filled with lots of things sexually and plot its alice in wonderland for goodness sake theres loads of things to do here
  2. Why did I not find this sooner XD want to give this a shot while we are doing host club?
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  3. because this sounds like a lot of fun to be had
  4. Lets start then ^.^
  5. want to include this in our host club ooc for ideas? XD
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