Down the Hole and into Wonderland..

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  1. A girl with blonde curly hair was sitting behind a tree with a mixture of sadness and anger. She crossed her arms in defeat as several people were trying to find her. "Alice? Alice! Where are you?! I want you here this instant!" her mother screamed in annoyance. Alice gave in an exasperated sigh. "Alice you are going to come here and behave like a woman you are!" her mother said as she finally found her.
    Alice gave her an annoyed look. "Whatever." she murmured as she stood up from the tree. She went and followed her mother until something caught her attention. Right there on the side of the tree was a hole. She tiptoed away from her mother and looked at it with curiosity. "What is this?" she questioned as she looked closer only to accidently fall inside it. She screamed in horror as she fell into the hole and landed onto someone....
  2. Cheshire was relaxing, taking a sun bath. It had been a busy day today, he had been running around so much and gathering all sorts of information. Now, all he wanted was some much deserved sleep. He had just managed to drift into a pleasent sleep of him running around in his adorable little cat form, climbing the world's tallest tree, when someone fell on him. He let out a screech in shock. The person had fell square on his chest! He gasped a little for breath, and when he finally was able to breath normally he frowned at the person. It was a girl with blonde curly hair. "Do you mind?! I was having a pleasent dream!"

    Cheshire Glasgow CS (open)
    Name: "Cheshire Glasgow, nice to meet ya!"
    Age: "Why would I tell you that?"
    Personality: "Cocky son-of-a-bitch, but a whole lot of fun."
    Talents: "Lets see... Dissapearing, gathering information, sneaking, spying, turning to a cat, sleeping... Typical stuff like that."
    Role: "I trade information for protection. I don't really have a side, I just work for anyone who gives me the best deal. Other than that I can be your person guide around Wonderland. I know all the best spots to nap."
    Appearance: human:

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    Alice got off of the mysterious looking cat. "Im so sorry. I didnt mean to disturb you" Alice said with a worried face. "I fell from a hole and i dont know where i am." Alice looked at the cat with curiosity. It didnt look normal at all. It could talk! That was oddly strange. She walked closer to the talking cat with a smile.
Thread Status:
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