Down Past the Depths

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  1. Idea::
    Merpeople reside deep within the sea, hiding from the ever-expanding modern technology that comes to explore their underwater home. There is one mer(man/maid) who is extremely curious and goes to discover what is sending the emotionless spies down to see their home.

    The operator of the machines is a researcher, highly curious his/herself. They capture the curious merperson and place them in a large aquarium with other fish to observe them.

    What happens then...?

    This was the only real thought I had. Just really wanted to try a merperson rp.
    There can be romance in it, due to the fact that I had no idea where this one is headed. Just one of those "give a situation and role with it" kinda things :)

    Let me know what you think and if you'd be interested!
  2. I think it sounds pretty interesting (that they get caught). I like the idea of romance, but what captures me the most is the whole capturing-thing, that they don't know what to come and so on. I've roleplayed a mermaid once before, and it was OK (not what I usually roleplay though). Anyways... I think it sounds interesting.
  3. You can join, if you'd like :)
  4. ? Sorry but I don't really understand... D:
  5. I mean we can do this roleplay, if you want
  6. Then I understand. (^_^) If you want, I'm in. ~