Down Fall of the faceless and Westchester Manor

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Which do you wish to join?

  1. Fall of the Faceless

  2. Westchester Manor

  3. Both

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  1. Many years ago when the world still had color and everything was happy. Their use to be a man who made walking talking puppets and dolls they all had there own personality. They called this Man The Puppet Master, he was a very well known man who was nice as well as fair. He had a puppet that was his very first creation. She was part of him, literally He had put part of his soul into this one little puppet.

    One day the shop to the puppets was closed, The puppet master sat in his chair annoyed as he starred out the window with a dark glared at the outside world, it brought him no joy any more. He threw the puppet he was working on and cursed. The puppet was just that a puppet Faceless and dark.

    The female puppet he had made very first. could ense something was off, and her master was upset. This puppet was named Aliana, she could feel everything he could because she was a apart of him. Aliana startedsensed a darkness rising in him, how he started become more and more hateful as the days passed.
    The puppet master, The man made his way to the confines of the mountains. He locked himself away from the world and all that stopped those from buying his magical puppets. He worked tirelessly and made many new puppets that finally became his army to take over the world. The Puppet master finally defended upon the world and released his army of Faceless upon the human world as he claimed it for his own. He had small puppets that captured puppets and also had bigger puppets called Boulder faceless who captured humans . The Puppet Master had made the knew puppets Faceless because of how he felt about the world.

    The world now however was dark and Grey, Now after the Master took over the world. No color was, left in the world it seemed the town the Puppet Master had started in had been turned into rubble and ash. It was in the valley below the dark castle where The Puppet Master ruled. His puppets,called the faceless enforced his rules and brought him new humans to turn into faceless. The faceless have killed many good puppets and humans a like. They were filled with darkness and Evil, not like the goodness and light of the other puppets He had made before his world went to shir. For you see the Puppet Master had come to hate the world, a world that has always hated him. For all its electronics and gadgets, also stupid humans the man has found the world unliveable. The reason for his darkness and unravel into ever lasting madness, was because everyone had forgotten his magical puppets. No kid had wanted a stupid talking puppet when they could have a video game or phone or Internet. So he had become sick of it and now no one could forget his puppets.

    There was always a curfew in place at 9 pm you were to be inside your house and not allowed to leave till 7 the next morning. If you were caught you were hauled away to the castle to never be seen again. Some say you were turned into a faceless others said you were killed. No one knew for sure.

    Year 2345, December 23

    The day was cold and the ash floated down on to the streets like snow. The air smelled foul and Christmas was just around the corner. There were a group of humans who had been getting closer to finding out how to defeat the Puppet Master and his army of Faceless. These humans did not remember, that the puppet master use to be a once amazing puppeteer. When they search his shop,they find what is left behind puppets and dolls. The left behind puppets that still had small hope wanted to help and bring back there beloved puppet master and right the world again.

    Will you help or will you let the world completely burn?

    Puppet Master open
    Puppet that is part of him~ taken
    - Taken
    - Taken
    - taken
    - Brother open
    - Sister taken
    - Male open
    - Female open
    - Male taken
    - Female open

    Westchester Manor

    Westchester Manor was built in the Early. 1700's it Housed many of the Westchester family all of them presiding figures in the town or Moria. Moria was a small weird town with many dark secrets. The Manor had however ceased to exist after the late 1900's. It was closed down after the last Westchester died. It stayed closed up until about 4 years ago and was turned into a hotel. Many rooms had been opened and it was a very successful. How ever it was odd becausesome guests went missing and never showed up again.
    Then the new man who owned the hotel however contributed to the towns dark secrets. What happens when a group of friends in college decide to go to this Hotel and stay and many strange things start to happen. The small town of Moria resides somewhere in Massachusetts. Very secluded from other's and when you disappeared no one went to look for you. Will you and your friends figure out the big dark secret the Manor holds.

    Welcome to the Town of Moria,
    We Invite you to come stay with us in the Westchester Manor. We have many sights and many town activities in the summer. Please visit us, it is to die for.
    -Vladimir Westchester


    College Group
    - Sweet Girl Happily
    - Popular Girl Happily
    - Rebel Girl Dark
    - Smart Girl Taken
    - Smart Guy open
    - Rebel Guy Dovah
    - Jock Guy happily
    Sweet Guy taken
    Hotel Staff ( sceret of the staff if you choose a staff role I will pm you what they are. )
    Vladimir Westchester ( open Cs is done )
    Mistress- Dark
    - Male ( open )
    - Female Dovah
    -Female Rose
    male staff taken
    @The Dovah @~Happily.Ever.After~ @Princess Poisoned Rose

    tag any one you want all
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  2. I'm in for westchester
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  3. I'll take a side of Female Staff Member(Probably reuse me maid from the last one on that other site that we can't mention due to the law and me not wanting Judge Dredd to burst in and kick me ass) and the REBEL GUY! Please note: If anyone is burnt, kidnapped or set on fire whilst on fire, it was the dog. :P

    Me and Dark did this on anotehr site. It was a fantastic RP and had potential before stuff happened that i shan't go into due to rules, me not wanting to dwell on the past. It is worth doing, guys. Dark is a wonderfulm DM/GM. :)

    No Mary Sues though. I am legally allowed to come around to your place and hit you repeatly with a Monty Python oversized fish. :P
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  4. For the time being, i'm just going for Winchester. Got a backlog of RPs to clear and need to maintain some consistency with posting again.
  5. Westchester I'm in for staff
  6. which male
  7. can I not be female?
  8. only males for Staff left
  9. I see no harm in having two female staff and two male staff. :) But tis up to the dark disney Micky Mouse.
  10. I might sit them out then
  11. I'm confused now. Is it you want to do a female staff member or a male staffer? If it's the former, well, tis up to Dark.
  12. she wants a female staff

    I can make one

    COme on, guys. Westchester manor is worth it! :)
  14. @Raven Haruka Saw you liked the faceless what spot would you like
  15. Ah, is the sweet guy still available?

    Oh gosh wrong plot, sorry.

    I'll take one of those puppet spaces if your don't mind.
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  16. Oooooo I likey may I be a puppet?!?
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