Down and Dirty (Looking for a female partner)

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  1. Good evening all,

    Tone here again and I'm looking for a female partner who really knows how to RP smut.

    My Rules

    No anal, no incest, and no gore.

    I would like to see at least one paragraph per post.

    Make your writing clear and readable. I'm not looking for perfect grammar or spelling, but I want to be able to read what you post.

    Please be as detailed as you can.

    My Ideas

    Demon X Normal girl

    Unfortunately thats all I have in ways of ideas ^^''. I'm more then open to any you might have, so if you are interested please shoot me a pm.

  2. Hey there!

    Just had a question before I expressed interest, what kind of setting were you looking for with the demonXnormal girl RP, and did you have a plot considered for it, or is it pretty much just smut?
  3. That would be an interesting one, I agree. And I have the same question-ish:

    Do you already have a plot for it? Or is it just a something to have them set up and go straight to smut?
    Then again, I might not be the best at smut yet either.... will you take someone who is currently still learning?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.