Dove-Feathered Ravens

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    In the town of Gherwin, at the far edge of the Kingdom of Urdaar, is a people unlike normal men. They look like your average villagers, but something is different, and no body can quite tell what. It seems like a nice, quiet, rural village in a modern kingdom, a peaceful retreat from the hustle of the cities. It's quiet in the small town, a mile from the shore of the Gher Lake, with golden fields surrounding it to the west, a dense forest to the east. The main road that passes through leads to the nearest city to the northeast, and over the border to the south. Soft flutes and lyres can be heard playing beautiful, haunting melodies in the square and in the fields to entertain the villagers as they go about their day, caring for the harvest, fishing, or tending to the livestock. The sun shines brightly upon the thatch roofs of the stone huts, glimmering over the lake.

    But the air of the bright little town is permeated with darkness. The sun shines brilliantly, yes, but the aura of the community has a sickening sense of evil about it. The people seem happy, but malevolently so. Maybe it's just they way the light hits their eyes, but on occasion you swear you catch a glimpse of their eyes turning unnatural colors, shimmering violet, cracked yellow, fathomless black. Perhaps it's just the dancing shadows of the trees in wind, but it seems the shadows of the villagers sprout feathered wings from their backs on the nights of full moons. It might just be an odd custom, but they all keep their fingernails and toenails fashioned as razor-sharp claws, and walk about barefoot. They sneak off into the forest at night armed with nothing, and return in the morning with freshly killed deer, elk, or stag. The poor beast looks like it was mauled by wild animals, a look of absolute terror frozen in it's eyes. You have your hunches about these things, but you can't be sure yet. You need to get to the bottom of this. But you better hurry, war against Urdaar is on the horizon and headed straight for the small town of Gherwin. Luckily, you brought some friends along to help you uncover the truth. It's time to find out more about these demons-in-disguise, these dove-feathered ravens.

    ((I shall be the townspeople. You, the travelers. Usual Iwaku Rules apply. Begin with your entrance. Enjoy!))
  2. Eridan walked into the town carrying his backpack full of supplies,his trusty sword which is named blood cross,and a happy personality. He hoped to greet anyone who would like to look at him or admire at his galmung like weapon. "Hey guys come on already i am now just here!" Eridan yelled back to his friends behind him for he was the first to arrive. He began to see the townspeople all in the normal clothes of a commoner so he decided to go find the nearest pub to get a pint of rum in for he was very thirsty so he began to walk in the direction of the pub.
  3. Ellowyn followed Eridan, without quickening the tranquil pace. Though traveling in group was a pretty new experience, the discerning eyes soon realized the others personalities. They also got very attentive about this new city, bringing back to memory the few informations gathered about the place. Bad news, to say the least.
    The young but harsh hands with gloves touched the hilts of the two loyal swords; one, white and bright, the other dark as the deep shadows, both lethal with sharp curved edges. Light and shadow, as constant company.
    On the back, the loyal bow, the few arrows, the medium sized backpack, together with a light armor, covering arms, chest, neck and legs, with flexible and old leather clothes. Also a small hidden knife, for emergences.
    The slim figure continued the relaxed walk towards the pub, after Eridan, while the cautious green eyes searched the area.
  4. it would be an unser stante meent to say Flare looked scared as hell. her sea green eyes scand the area. the place given her that Off feeling. the air was bitter and she felt as if she could not breath. "umm Eridan I dont believe we shouldn't be here" she said as she moved a srand of her Raven colord short hair out of her eye. "somethings just off about this place"
  5. "You are right flare it does feel a bit strange but we did see that mauled corpse in the forest in scared us out of our wits but now TO THE PUB!" Eridan had yelled triumphantly towards the sky in a happy motion before heading to the pub.
  6. The bartender greeted the group as they walked in. "Well, hello there, and welcome to Gherwin! What can I do fer ye?" he called, smiling cheerfully. The small pub was bustling with people eating, drinking, laughing, and dancing to the merry tune and cheerful voices. The smell of cooked meat and mead with thick in the air. It was an over all welcome environment, despite the lingering darkness about the entire town.
  7. Wyn approached the counter, sitting very still. "I'd like some water today, mister, and fish to make a small meal. We've been traveling a long way." The voice was relaxed, and musical. The intention was to save the supplies for later; also, water and fish were among the hardest things to tamper with any strange substances without being noticed, and Wyn wanted to be cautious, at least for the first days. "Is there a good inn to pass the night?"
  8. The bartender nodded. "Yeah, down the road a bit. The Screaming Goose they call it. Soft bed, warm hearth, good rates. Yer fish 'n water'll be out to ye soon." he told Wyn. "MERIDA! FISH ANA WATER, AN GET THE OUTSIDERS A TABLE!" he called to one of the waitresses. A young blonde girl with green eyes showed Wyn and the other to a table, left, and returned with the ordered fish and water. "Can I get you anything else?" she asked, smiling.
  9. "Get me the most alchoholic thing you go madam." Eridan said to the waitress wanting a bear after a long journey of traveling.
  10. "Thank you." Ellowyn answered to the waitress, a bit surprised by the gentle attitude of all people. It was a good measure to be very attentive... to avoid being caught off guard. And also to avoid hasty judgements; maybe these people needed help to deal with whatever problems they had.
    "That's it, thank you. It looks very good."

    The green eyes stared at Eridan, while the hand scratched the back of the head, messing the short reddish brown hair. "I won't carry you if I'm the only sober person left in this table. Just wanted to be clear. Also, about the rooms we will get on the Inn, how much money do we have? I think we can't pay for more than two rooms by now."
  11. "We have enough for one room we can all share." Eridan told Ellowyn as the waitress brought him his drink.
  12. ((@TheRebornFate I would appreciate it if you posted more than just one-liners.))

    Merida nodded, and looked around to the rest of the group. "Can I get anyone else anything?" she asked. Her smile was bright, the light of the lanterns mounted on the walls glinting off her dark green eyes. She clasped her hands in front of her, awaiting the orders, or lack thereof, of the newcomers.
  13. Ellowyn looked to Eridan and Flare, but it was hard to read those green eyes. "Okay. We will share the room." The stare traveled to the waitress eyes, in their own shade of green. "How many visitors this city usually has during this time of the year, miss... Merida, right? Things seem lively today."

    Getting information from the town, and from the people, to discover how cooperative and sincere they were to stragers.
  14. ((@TheRebornFate The drink hasn't been brought yet. Please keep up.))

    "Yes, Sir. Merida Fallon. Normally, we aren't that busy, but there is a festival coming soon, and there is usually celebrating all around town in the excitement." she said, practically bouncing on her heels. She stopped and looked at the group more intently. "But... you all are Outsiders. We don't get to many, being a remote little village at the edge of Urdaar. We've never had outsiders present at a festival, so I can;t say you'll be treated warmly, nor given the cold shoulder. Where are you three from, anyhow?" she asked, tilting her head to the side a bit.
  15. "I actually live in a forest near another village i am sorta of a hermit." Eridan told the waitress. "We actually came here for investigation of a massive beast who was murdered a little while back." Eridan told the waitress for the reason on coming here.
  16. "'I'm from the other side of the Great Lake, at the mountains. We live among the cascades and caves." Wyn answered, talking about the people with some reputation for both fighting and producing rare artifacts. "My reasons here differ a little, but unusual creatures seem an interesting subject. I've joined this campaign in the last moment." The voice was relaxed, as someone talking about the weather. "The festival seems a good occasion to be here. If we're not disturbing, I'd like to see it."
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