Double Trouble

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  1. ((This roleplay is between xxDarkest_Assassinxx and i))
    The coast of California is much different then it probably was years. The year is 3012. My name is Shadow and my partner in crime is Adam we are like brother and sister and are always up to no good. He is 17 and I am 18 we are mainly assain's but will do any sort of job as long as we get paid or if we get to have revenge on dem haters. Stuff around here changed a lot once a bunch of other countries took over in 3004 Cali is the only american part left. So that is where our head quarters are but we are rarely there because as i said we are usually causing trouble everywhere. headquarters i mean the place we started our business not like cia or something they got killed before i was born.

    I wake-up on an old bed and knock on the door to Adam's room next too mine "WAKE-UP WE ARE GONNA BE LATE" I hurry to my bathroom grabbing a ripped pair of jeans my fav kind, and a black assassin;scloak/shirt sorta thing it has a hoodie and a cape and pockets for all my weapons including hidden daggers in the sleeve.DUH that is a assassin's cloak is. Any and go and change once i am done I examine myself in the mirror and put on black eyeliner and dark red lipstick as always and head out the door after brushing my hair and teeth. I pound on Adam's door again "Get up" and I can hear him moving out of his bed. "Meet you downstairs" I say loudly so he hears me and head to the elevator and wait for him down on the couch next to the front door.
  2. I could hear shadow yelling at me from outside my door. I get up and get dressed. I put on a pair of black Jeans and my white assassins cloak. I put my cape on my shoulder and prepare my weapons. ”Are you ready?” I ask as I walked over to her
  3. "Obviously, lets go Adam," I say sternly and start free running to our 'headquarters' for our next mission. We start racing but Adam stops at some bulletin board for most wanted around the world. "What are we finally on there?Or someone we know"I ask smirking as I hop down a Penthouse.
  4. ”looks like they know we're here, but they don't know what we look like. Lets keep it that way” I say as I pull my hood over my face and begin free running again
  5. "Okay fair enough" I say following after him. It begins to rain and it gets harder but still fun. He speeds up so I go in front of him and then it is a race.

    Once we are there the man is waiting outside the door. "Your late,"he says with a stern attitude to match his stern look. "We know slick here did not set his alarm and I thought was going to so I did not" I saying pointing straight at Adam. "I DO NOT CARE WHOSE FAULT IT IS YOU HAVE LEFT YOUR CLIENT WAIT SEVEN MINUTES! AND I DO NOT LIKE TO WAIT,"he says turning red. "Whatever we are here now i promise it will not happen again sir"I say and we walk inside in silence. The building is not to big it is about the size of a two story apartment it is rounded on the corners,and has no lights. Luckily it has lots of windows. We head of to the chairs in the office upstairs and Adam starts talking then. He actually seems awake
  6. Adam hated this guy, he was a true jerk. Adam thought of how easy it would be to just slide his hidden blade into this guys chest. After about twelve minutes, we had our mission and we were sent on our way
  7. "So I am thinking we should steal our new blades, get jerky's son trained and help him kill his dad's jerk face ex" I say laughing at it and smiling towards Adam.
  8. ”whatever gets this mission done. I hate working for this guy” I say and look back at shadow
  9. "Duh but his son his okay" I say as we head to the blade shop. Once we get the new blades we meet his son at the training center.
  10. ”Im just ready to be done with their whole family” I say and continue walking toward the blade shop
  11. "I don't I thought you really hit it off with jerky son's cousin at the pub the other night" I smile as we walk in the doors of the blade shop. He just smiles. Typical guy denies with a smile but truly I know Adam and he knows it is not the whole family plus I am going to defend my brother-in-law even if I hate my sisters guts she made a good catch.Lucky for her when I forever alone anyway we walk in the door to the blade shop. I smack the money on the table and spit out in an edgy voice to the owner Roger "Two hook blades,poison blades and four hidden blades. Make it snappy Roger we are in a bit of a rush." He scampers in a nervous stumble as usual he knows not to displease or cross us. He knows we are nothing but trouble. I look at Adam and we both just crack up as he keeps stumbling around.
  12. I lean against a wall and wait for this guy to give us our blades. It was pathetic how he just stumbled around grabbing at the supplies. You would think someone who runs a blade shop would be allot better than him
  13. When finally stumbled back we stopped laughing at the pathetic guy and headed on our way back to headquarters to train my brother-in-law. " Can you believe that guy almost as bad as my sister's father-in-law," I say with the slightest smirk as we prance our way around to headquarters.
Thread Status:
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