Double Song Character Challenge

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  1. I'm going to change things up a bit for you guys today. Instead of simply having one song to inspire you, I have two.

    The first one is Paradise by Coldplay. It's on Youtube-

    The second one is Robot Boy by Linkin Park. It's also on YouTube-

    Both of these songs are descriptive of the same character who has undergone a transformation/change of some sort. Paradise describes this character before the change; Robot Boy describes the character after.
    Your task is to describe the character both before and after the change, and to describe what this change was.
    You may use a character sheet (or two) to describe the character and/or you may use paragraphs, or any other method you think would be effective. Be creative & have fun!
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  2. Name: Rehn
    Gender: Female
    Age at present: 20
    The before: Rehn was known as the shy little girl, never really knowing the harsh realities of the world. Reading books about fairy princess's and cute romances, wanting always to be within those stories, but knowing that she could never be there but within her dreams. Rehn didn't really have any friends, and she was seen as a space case because she was always in her imaginary world, at least in her own mind. And the few friends she did have weren't really from the right crowed. She didn't even notice when kids bullied her she was so oblivious to her surroundings. She also had quite the eccentric taste in clothing which made heads turn even if she didn't notice them.
    Looks before: (open)

    The after: Rhen eventually had to grow up. Though that didn't mean she grew up in the right way. She locked her heart up, not wanting to live with the pain, not wanting the fight for what she really wanted. She at points, is so introverted, that even if someone tries to start up a conversation with her, she can't give an answer. By the looks of her though you wouldn't think that. Her loud style scream out that she wants to change back, or to rebel against the painful and harsh reality.
    Looks after: (open)

    The happening: Truth be told, she finally figured out how lonely she really was, how no on really liked her in school, and how she actually didn't have any friends. When she finally realized this, she started trying to talk to different people, but most of the time, they seemed to ignore her. The more and more people gave her the silent treatment the more and more she inverted into herself, and it only got worse after a guy got close to her, stole her innocence and then ran off with it breaking her poor little heart. Her prince charming turned out to be a warty toad and was covered in slime. She then gave up on believing that anyone else mattered and started to do what she wanted when she wanted.
    (i hope i did this right)
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  3. Name: Luba
    Age in paradise: 10

    Luba has a way of making the best of her situations, able to life the spirits of those around her. Strong emotions and sensitive, she could never take criticism beyond what was constructive and defended herself, her convictions and those she loved with a passionate attitude many would mistake for childish notions the world long left behind. Nothing could make Luba lean back from the things she fought for, or the way she saw the world. though young and childish is wouldn't be too long before she would meet someone that would change her world forever.

    Being a child none really took Luba seriously, but many found her selflessness, enduring and amiable. Compassionate overtones and took life to a seriousness none could reach. She knew that alone she had to achieve her reality and make life her way. To manifest physically the dreams in her head. To prove them all wrong.

    Age of robot boy: 25

    The world around Luba became techno-logic and far less organic then from her childhood. working meaningless soul crushing jobs to only afford nothing. Mother and father gone, no family left to support her or care for her she fell into a hole and instead of clawing her way out she dug herself deeper, in search of the source.

    Looking around her, Luba, saw thousands of people, heads buried into the dirt. Faces turned away, while she stared into all the things that made her uncomfortable. Staring evil in the face she pushed, and one day she met a Robot. unlike any other Robot, he bent for her. He followed Luba, displaying a sense of attachment, and organic compassion she believed robots...incapable of. She felt heavy from the metallic air, Her friend knew she was suffering. While out of her element he disappeared and Luba sank further into her fears and the once vibrant paradise started to fade.

    The next morning Her robot boy came back to her, covered in dirt, wheeled his way to her and lifted up his metal claws to hand her a flower. Luba hadn't seen a flower in years. cupping this precious gift in her hand, her strength returned to her. Passion began to rise and bubble over the brim of her previous emptied cup and she grabbed only a few food items and her robot boy and headed out into the unknown. Finally ready to embark with bravery, Courage of heart, and unconditional love. Her robot boy at her side.
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