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  1. Character Sheet (open)

    Hayley Daniels
    Age: 21
    Personality: At first hand, Hayley can come off quite aggressive to those who try to get to know her. Having many skeletons in the closet she intends to keep her secrets hidden from those who want to become 'friends' or more with her. It's considered quite a lonely world for her, and half the time she wants to reach out and just scream her life story to those whom she first meets. However, she is closed off from the world - and only friendly to those she meets briefly,
    acquaintances. Underneath the thick skin she is a passionate woman who wants a future for herself different from the life she has now. But don't let that make you think she'd have any other job, because that being said she loves her work.
    Background: Hayley Daniels was born "Victoria Murray". However, due to her parents bringing her into the world with their line of work, her identity must be kept hidden. Their last name is unfortunately known all over the state, and they could be tracked through Victoria if the government decided to. Her parents loved her, and wanted the best life for her. They wanted to send her to public school, and college in which they'd decided she would get a Doctorate degree in Medicine and Human Biology.
    Her path was already set out in quite the organised fashion in order for her to get the best future possible, she would become a doctor for her parents sake.. However, even though they shared much love for her it was evident that this would be put to good use. Being a doctor in a hospital meant she had access to records, records of the opposing organisation. She could identify catalog and discreetly take out them in theatre, when pronouncing their death it would be said they died under the surgery table. Their body couldn't cope with the surgery, lies.
    She was a murderer with blood on her hands, and in a line of work where all she wanted to do was help people - it was quite difficult to keep it together. Amongst all this, she was often used as a pawn for others killings too. Taken to bars, and forced to seduce men outside and to a clandestine location where her back was turned and a silent killing proceeded to take place.

    The water ran over her fingers, and her hands twisted the scrubs under the tap. She looked strange in the bathroom, rubbing her top together with her hands, whilst it was still adorning her body. Awkward smiles were exchanged between in coming females, patients and colleagues alike. She courtly lifted her head to look up to the clock face hung upon the wall, still stating the time of thirteen-hundred hours. Letting out a sigh and then glancing down to the now fading colour of her top she could only bound back and flick water everwhere after realising she'd scrubbed too hard. "Damnit.." She cursed and a young girl and her mother had entered the bathroom, pulling a repulsed face at her behaviour. She sighed and then left the bathroom with a patchy-wet looking top.
    "You been bleaching your uniform again?" She heard the female voice come from her left and turned looking depleted from spending the past fifteen minutes and twenty-three seconds in the ladies room.
    "I got lasagna on it again.. and my spare pair is still in the laundry room.." Letting out a sigh to the woman known as Varity Schwoynzka, a polish lady who cleaned the floors on her ward.
    "Soap and water is usually best dear, but you should only do it for a little while... and ease down on the friction." She said with a smile and moderately placed her hand on Hayley's shoulder in re-assurance.
    She gave a smile and when the woman passed with her mop, pulled an exhausted expression.

    "Right Lacey, I'm gonna get off. Can you take care of Mr. Turner's antibiotics, he should take them in.." she looked at her watch, "about thirty minutes..." The young girl ahead of her nodded in response and went on her way with her irritatingly squeeky shoes. Hayley brought her bag around her head and shrugged her coat further on her shoulders, yawning as she left the hospital into an exceedingly bright car park area. She hated the night shift, it meant spending half of her day asleep. Although today was different, she needed to be awake for her delivery, perhaps she could stop for coffee after going to get changed. She was quickly in her valuable Audi R8 Sport with her head pressed back against the head rest as if it were a pillow. Oh no you don't, not sleeping now. She said to herself and lightly tapped her cheek to keep her awake with a yawn. The car purred as she revved the engine just slightly with a tilt of her foot, it gracefully exited the car park and she took to the road towards her apartment a little further away from the main city.

    To anybody else, Hayley would seem like the spoilt little girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth. They didn't know what she did to earn such wealth and fortune, a doctors job paid well - sure, but she was getting luxury like no other. Spending thousands at a time on items which some people wouldn't even set eyes on in their life time. Which also meant that false people tried to break it off with her, befriend her so that they could get 'in on the action' so to speak. To be in her abode would be wonderful, or at least so they thought. Truth of it was, where she lived wasn't that great because she couldn't stay. She knew that it would most likely be a matter of weeks before her parents decided to move her again to a different location for fear that she'd soon be found out. She parked her car in the garage, and made her way through the grand doors and through the hallway. Entering into the room a voice greeted her, "Hello Miss Daniels, how are you today?"
    "Fine thanks Clara, could you close the curtains please.." She asked politely and hung up her jacket and bag.
    "Yes, should I prepare your bath and warm the bed?" Requested the voice to Hayley.
    "No no, that won't be necessary thank you.. I'm going to head out soon for a coffee.. I need the fresh air."
    "I could make you one?" Offered Clara, her robotic voice, not so much monotoned as it was full of a positive emotion.
    "No that's quite alright.. I've got to actually get out and place my order with an actual person, no offence Clara.." She said looking up to the cieling with hands on her hips.
    "None taken." Clara replied, still cheery as ever.
    Hayley let out a smile and ran upstairs to get changed into casual jeans and a t-shirt. "I'm expecting a delivery today rememb-.."
    "Yes! It's set on your calender!" The computer interrupted. "Sorry." She said after most likely programming Hayley's frustrated expression.
    "It's fine, but I don't know what time to expect him at, so I'm gunna go grab a late and try make it home as quick as I can - but if chance takes its roll, and he comes whilst I'm out. Just answer the door and use the hologram, yeah?"
    She looked around and awaited a reply, Clara's voice agreed to do so, "Okay!" she said. Then Hayley left the room, and the house, and walked to the coffee shop.

    Opening the doors there was the familiar ring, she didn't come in here but it was such a mundane sound that she couldn't forget it when she did walk in. "Hey..." She said and looked to the person behind the counter, or... the empty space at least. Where were they? She sighed and complained with a roll of her eyes, and leant her back against the counter looking to the few people around the coffee shop area and then down to her watch. Occasionally looking out of the window for a delivery van to pass whilst she spent the rest of her minutes waiting in the coffee shop. A part of her hoped that they'd come when she was out - so they didn't see her face. She sighed and rung the bell again for the person behind the counter.. "Hello!?" Speaking loudly with a raised eyebrow and a grunt.

  2. Thirteen Hundred
    Thirteen hundred
    thirteen hundred
    The lights continued to blink for ages as the man under the covers tried to ignore the blaring message, but midst the chaos of the everyday behind the walls, Rush knew he wouldn't be able to escape to the mundane comfort of his bed for long, having to at least start the day fresh and new. But he slammed his curled fist onto the clock to shut it up at least. Something of a good start, hurting something he hates.

    He never was a morning person, always trying his hardest to sleep in, stay dreary and rested and his toes latched the covers to keep his heat form escaping but life went on. Besides long nights count for bad mornings in his time, and every night was a long night. As he awoken form his entrapment of slumber, he receded to the bathroom, starting up a shower, 75 degress of blissful water cascaded down his black short hair, wiping the grime from the night before and replacing the slick with a luster that would blind an eagle overhead, his shampoo of choice refilled as he set it down with a chime, letting him know everything was still in order. But as he washed clean, a voice form overhead chimed up
    "Breakfast time master! What would you like this morning?"
    "It's 1 pm..not classified as morning now..."
    "Most important meal of the-"
    "Fine! Over easy and coffee, extra sugar, light cream..and add a hint of espresso..."
    A confirmation ding ringed out the hall to the kitchen, where after he clothed himself to start the day, he headed.

    After his breakfast and grabbing his sunglasses form the dresser, giving his pet bulldog and collie on the couch a goodbye pet as they watched a repetitive program on television to keep form going bonkers, He headed off into the town.
    His grey shirt and denim jeans made him look average no designs on his shirt and no rips on his pants, his wallet the only thing visible as it bulged from his back pocket. He didn't mind the classic look, no need to flaunt anything about as he paraded down the street,

    His walk was crowded with others trying to continue the day they started hours earlier then he did but his job never fell on these hours. Always the graveyard shift with him and he didn't mind, as long as something interesting happened before each job. The occasional club scene, maybe a good movie...The Avengers, that was the best midnight premier he went to. Ugh enough chit chat to himself he thought as he went on, wanting something to perk his day up, sipping the shitty cup of coffee in his hand
    " always..."
    He sighed and tosses the cup in the next receptacle he walks past, continuing his route to the coffee shop down the road where it was packed with people already.
    "..At this hour? For damnation's sake it's past noon..I have an excuse though people come on..."
    Even though he was snobbish and arrogant, it was only the morning drole talking. Once he picks his energy up, back on track and ready for the day, Rush was genuinely a great guy to be with. Friendly, calm, collected and chill. He was just caught at a bad hour as a woman bumped into his shoulder, a frail thing no older then 60. He di nothing though except sneer to himself, pressing his eyebrows together as he tried to hold off a migraine before his caffeine hype. But something was amiss this time. up front he heard a lady try to call for assistance of a robotic operated brewery. Sure they were mindless soulless droids built for a purpose to serve coffee..but damn do they serve coffee.
    He exasperated cries of anguish made him stir a bit, as others left, knowing a malfunction was occurring and nothing they could do until it was him and the woman in front of him.

    He rolled his eyes, nothing was going to get in the way of him and his frappachino...At this hour? Anyway he stepped up past the lady named Hayley, reaching back under the counter and slamming his fist against the cranium of the chrome droid, before it started up her drink of choice, sliding it over after a swipe of his card
    "..My treat for today I bet you have a little bit of a hassle having to deal with this rust bucket..."

    He grinned at the lady as he paid for her coffee and his own, the smile on his face finally emerging as he holds his drug, the foam of the whipped cream coated his beard as he wiped it away slowly, He went off to a small desk fit for two but took his own spot, indulging in his coffee and paying no mind to the outside world but somehow he couldn't help but glance over at the lady he helped.
  3. She waited around a little longer and then lost hope, placing her hand on the rack of doughnuts and confectioneries and resting her forehead between the crease of her inner elbow. Sigh.. I hate technology. Her head lifted up when she saw the male make his way around to beat the robot into a place where he started to be of assistance. She discreetly turned her head away where she hid her taken-a-back shocked expression that he could quite easily make it capable to get a God damn drink around here. She brushed it off instantly when she took her late and then heard what he said, "for today" she thought to herself and looked back with one of her eyebrows raised up in a confused manner glancing him up and down. He didn't look like your typical man, out to be a bachelor, flattering women in his stride to most likely later on saunter them into his room and under his sheets... Nor did he really sound like one through the tone of his voice. However, his choice of words could only make her pigeon hole him into such a category of sorts. She took her drink in hand and turned back away from the counter, her eye slightly locked on him with a tint of abhorrence in her eye, only light though.

    Approaching the table by the window of the shop, a line of chairs in front of a bar which on looked out on to the parade of shops ahead. Her city was set up in a style of typical 1950's Paris, France. Decorative street lamps lined the row along with countless trees upon patches of grass, around them little black metallic fences with spikes coursed along them. She thought back to the time a murder was reported on one of the spikes, a woman had thrown her husband on them in a jealous rage. All turned out whilst the man with three children had his day job, he told his wife he worked longer hours in the evening to visit the promenade where his secret lover waited for him every night. It was disgusting, such behaviour from a man. In the press conference it was confirmed that the woman always met his sexual needs, there was no need for him to go off and find himself 'fresh meat' so to speak. However, she was old, and the woman he was seeing had been young. Before she got to her moments later and spined her down beside her ex husband to be reunited with the fiend in the after life. "Bastard" she whispered lightly, it knocking her out of a phase of distraction she looked around to see how many had heard her. The occasional curse word had started to become a little to obvious even in the most isolated environments, like the women's toilets.

    She looked around for the man whom aided her earlier and then back forward when she noticed he was looking at her. Whilst facing out onto the row, to herself, she glanced aside confused with an expression which could only be described as a, "what the fuck is he looking at" face. She sipped at her coffee and burnt the inside of her mouth, bringing her sleeve to it with a wince and patting at her tongue she gave a slight squeal and then got frustrated at herself, leaning across the chair to reach for the milk and bring it into her hand, she stretched too far. If only she would've gotten off of the chair to get up and grab the damn milk. A heavy thud echoed in the little café and she cursed aloud "shit!" She didn't even take it back whilst she held her head which had taken a pretty nasty knock against the bin in front of the shelf with the milk. Looking around to the couple of elderly women crowding around her to make sure she was okay she stood up and waved them away whilst holding the scratch across her head, she vigorously grabbed her paper cup and then turned to the droid who was also looking at her with his computerised gauping expression she just scowled and frowned then looked at the man as well. "I can't pay you back... So 'for today' isn't something I can balance out with you another day..." She said it and before he could say anything in return made for the door.

    She stormed down the promenade and looked to the slight drops of blood started to smear across her fingers with another flinch and profanity, "fuck!" Her pace picked up and she walked down the long street of shops, people in front of her on the street stopping in their step to turn and look at the women obviously flustered, frustrated and injured. A man stopped on his cell phone with hid briefcase to turn and look at her hurrying down the road, she pulled him a cruel look and kept on walking at her pace that was steadily shifting into a jog. She had a feeling that she was being followed but when she looked back she saw nobody there, only the people looking at her confused, and noseying as to why she was looking so angry, and holding her head with speckles of blood on her hands. The gash wasn't too bad, but it was noticeable at least. I'll stitch it when I get home.. I'll ring clara and-... She hadn't realised that she'd left her jacket with her phone in her pocket at the coffee shop, she hadn't realised she'd taken it off. She gritted her teeth, squinted her eyes and looked up at the sky in to which she made her third profanity loud and clear.

  4. He watched her act and behave, a little befuddled as she screamed out and stormed away, leaving her things behind.
    He didn't buy her the coffee with intentions of putting her to bed but to give her solace in this hectic day, he could see the fatigue and drowsy flair about her until it changed to fits of rage, her profane language shattered the otherwise idyllic coffeeshop before she stormed out, bits of blood dripped on the table after the glass of the milk cut her skin.

    He looked over at her jacket that she abandoned and saw a flashing light in one of the pockets, her phone ringing and flashing the number onto her sleeve. He walked over, picking it up by the cuff of the collar and picking the phone out from the latch, examining it
    "..nice phone."
    He smiled as he turned it over to try to find some sort of return label but nothing. He sighed as he had to do something else but only for a bit, flipping his finger over the screen and unlocking the interface, accessible to her private affairs, but instead looked into her contacts, finding a " Varity" underneath and a star next to the name, noting a close contact. He started a text
    "Hi, your friend left her phone at the coffee shop, do you now where I can return it to?"

    After a bit a text was received to her phone, stating the address on the screen which he nodded at, taking his coffee and her belongings to walk towards her home, stepping onto the porch and reaching up, ringing her doorbell to get her attention