PROMPT Double-Edged Sword #2: Something Missing

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  1. The idea of this "challenge" is a pretty simple one. Take something away from a character; it doesn't need to be original. Then find some way in which whatever is missing affects the character positively. This can be physical, mental, psychological, etc.

    The character sheet can be as advanced as you like, but at minimum, I'd like this:

    What's Missing:
    Positive effect:

    Here are some examples.

    Name: Ayman Frye
    What's Missing:
    His left hand
    Positive effect:
    He has gained more strength in his right hand, and it now functions better than his left hand did before.

    Name: Candace Fairchild
    What's Missing:
    Her favorite dress
    Positive effect:
    She had to wear her second favorite dress to a party recently, and one of the other guests talked to her because he noticed the difference, finding her new dress more beautiful than the one she usually wore. The two are currently going out.
  2. Name: Joseph Burns

    What is missing?: A copy of his favourite video game.

    Positive effect: Because the game was covered by warranty, he received a free copy from the company who produced the video game.