Dorkness, on women!

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  1. Hmm...yes, kind of like Eden, the female genie. How she gets found by a orphan who only wanted a sandwich, and Eden bends the wish to make it where the orphan never goes hungry again instead of giving just a sandwich.

    Hmm...I wont post tonight by the way. Hmm....I am working myself up to do some school work tonight. >.<
  2. Oh I remember now.

    They're the reason gyms are a prosperous business and why the mainstream music industry of now is and will remain a stinking piece of shit.

    I think there was something deeper in my mind but she just said she's been thinking about me.

    God I hope she means what I think that means.

    I mean as in she's been thinking of me doing her.

    In the vagina.

    With my penis.
  3. Lilith look at Aeleosir with an amused smile.

    Mars sat next to Lilith, "I missed you mistress. You haven't surfaced in a long time. I hope everything is alright. Father hasn't return from his honeymoon and my sisters are vulnerable alone."
  4. I love how I've worked Lotus-Eater into your vocabulary. Did you see my RP idea post?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.