Dorkness, on women!

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While I believe that any sort of generalization only applies to the mentally retarded, and that includes anybody who actually believes that there's some special personality traits on women and men besides whatever shit it's wired in your head since the day you beat all those other stupid sperms to your mom's uterus (unless you're a freaky bastard from when your dad managed to put it in your mom's pooper -YEAH, TRY AND GET THAT OUT OF YOUR HEAD!-), there IS a reality about them:

Wait, fuck I lost the idea, this chick I'm dating sent me pictures of her on a miniskirt. I had no idea they made thongs THAT thin, doesn't that get kinda annoying?

Give me a second.
Oh I remember now.

They're the reason gyms are a prosperous business and why the mainstream music industry of now is and will remain a stinking piece of shit.

I think there was something deeper in my mind but she just said she's been thinking about me.

God I hope she means what I think that means.

I mean as in she's been thinking of me doing her.

In the vagina.

With my penis.
Geez, Darkness, sounds like you're pretty into this...

I've heard of drawing the whole face on your hand...but to draw a tiny thong on your fist as well? That's just...You use real lipstick and everything on it, don't you?
Why would I go through all that trouble when all I have to do is search the internet? You silly... Wait, what the fuck are you again, dude or chick? I forget.
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