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    You are, for some reason, with the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) as they head to a research facility on Mars to study an ancient martian society or some shit. You could be a scientist, a space marine, or even the janitor for all we care. But this has nothing to do with Martians or space. This is about Mars being invaded by the minions of HELL ITSELF.

    Oh yeah.

    The whole trip has become an ultra-violent struggle for survival, as you decide the only sensible thing to do is to...

    A) Escape
    B) Obliterate Evil
    C) Run for it like a bitch
    D) Gun down all monsters

    Whatever you do, it'll still involve bullshit and demons.


    The idea is simple: We're parodying Doom, and going back to its roots before the third game introduced that story. Pssh. As if we need some detail and background regarding our player character and how everything occurred leading up to the events of the story thus informing us and getting us interested in a well-written storyline.

    No, we're just here to shoot zombies and fire BFG's. We will however, put great detail into the stupid shit we do. And we will do so with pride.

    Those who have read such works as 'Homestuck' may enjoy this, especially for the style of writing.


    (An Example of what to expect from this roleplay):

    Terrence, just another marine in the squad, was walking down a hallway. He'd been hearing all kinds of suspicious sounds and had seen small things happening that were out of the ordinary, such as marks on the vents above him, as if something with claws was climbing around stalking him.

    But that wasn't important. What, you thought he was going to get eaten by a monster? That's stupid of you, thinking about such horrible things, and about Terrence no less.

    No, in fact, he stared intently at a vending machine. One which possessed cheese puffs. And he had a serious case of the munchies. Edwards, his rival in the workplace, always bragged about how he'd take the last bag before the three week later re-stock from Earth that always gave them munchie withdrawals. That shit is dangerous. So they wanted to get their fix before the other did, Edwards pulling every bullshit move he could to try and slow down the honest Terrence, who was sent to Mars to pay for his family's needs on Earth.

    That bastard wasn't going to pull any of his shit at all. Because Terrence was assigned to this hallway specifically…He was gonna eat those cheese puffs, and rub it in that jerk's face. You're gonna show him for sure, Ter-

    Oh my.

    Unfortunately, said fellow Marine Edwards had been turned into a zombie. The kind that somehow shot guns due to bullshit gaming logic backing him up. Edwards dropped the gun to show off his claw-equipped hands, as he tore apart Terrence's face. He could survive if he grabbed a stimpak-


    That motherfucker Edwards was eating his cheese puffs. The shock alone sent him into death, as the zombie skipped away merrily like the bloody prick he was even when he was alive. He stopped halfway into his trot, then proceeded to take back his rifle, and point towards the dying marine's groin.

    Was there just no end to Terrence's suffering?


    Now, doesn't that sound like fun? Yeah, I didn't think so. You're still totally joining anyway though.

    I know it.