Don't Trust Your Government!


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horror, fantasy, magical, paranormal, hetero romance
In the year 2070, the government decided to unleash a certain strain of an air-born virus. It ended up killing thousands of people all over the globe. But oddly enough, those few who survived it, were suddenly gifted with actual magic powers. Seeing the results first hand, the government chose to either eliminate the magic-users, or convert them to their side for select living weapons. Technology had come a long way over time, and a certain group of magic users in Vancouver Island, were using robotic armor with arm guns that could fire spells, instead of just regular bullets at their enemies. This group was opposed to the Government as a whole, and known only as The Resistance.

How ironic then, that there was a girl in this violent future who already knew magic -before- the Virus struck ? Her name was Kaeli Dawson, a pretty girl with bright blond hair and dark green eyes, with a slim figure and scars that revealed a tragic past. She lost her family not long after the virus, at age 17. Now... at age 23, she's waking up in a hospital from a 6 year coma... and already noticing quite a few changes.