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  1. Quick Disclaimers
    I am aware that this game system has already been used at one point for a thread.
    This would be my first time actually playing DRYH, so if I seem like an amateur, it's because I am.
    This game system is not my creation. DRYH belongs to its author, Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions.

    Okay, with that out of the way, here's the gist of the plot: your character is an insomniac, for whatever reason he may have. One day, he stumbles upon unfamiliar territory; he may have found an alleyway that's anything but straight, or a bazaar selling things like new faces and taking memories as payment, both of which are merely tips of the iceberg. He has found the Mad City, a convoluted and ever-changing place where insomniacs go after too little sleep and the main setting of the story.

    However, being awake for so long has also alerted his presence to beings called Nightmares, otherworldly monsters that hunger for human beings and will stop at next to nothing to satisfy this hunger. There are lowly Nightmares, like the Orderlies and the Clockwork Lieutenants (I'll explain about them later), and there are Nightmares of unspeakable power, like Mother When and the Wax King (again, I'll explain later).

    One might ask how there are any people left in the Mad City. Well, some have adapted to the town to the point where they are an integral part of it. They only have one daily purpose, such as the jobs they did before arriving, and they no longer seem to truly think for themselves. Though the Nightmares crave humans, they prefer the ones that haven't submitted to the Mad City.

    And this is the best (or worst) part: the people who end up in the Mad City (simply called "the Awake") have gained two powers from their lack of sleep. One power is mundane in concept, but can be done preternaturally well. The other power is almost certainly a superpower, something no normal human can do. But using either gets you closer and closer to falling asleep or going insane.

    The second one will sound like a problem for most people, but the first one may seem to be a relief. "If I go to sleep, I won't be Awake anymore and the Nightmares won't chase me, right?" Well, not exactly. You are still one of the Awake; you're just immobilized until A) you wake up, or B) the nightmares find you and kill you (highly likely). Thus, the most important rule of the game: stay awake.

    All visitors of the Mad City have some goal in mind, your character included. Your job is to accomplish your character's goal. The gameplay will require many six-sided dice, fifteen at most: 3 white, 6 black, and 6 red. Color doesn't entirely matter, as long as the groups are separated in some way. You can use the dice-rolling system in "More Options" for this, as long as you specify which dice are which color.

    For example, if W=white, B=black, and R=red, then see the example at the bottom.

    If something doesn't make sense or you're interested, please don't be shy. And please feel free to claim the role of GM for yourself, but only one person can have it, so try to answer quickly if this is what you want.
    Professor Objection threw 6-faced die for: 3W1B1R Total: 18 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
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