Don't Play With Fire

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  1. So I have decided to do a role-play based off a short story I once wrote, which is about a teen girl who starts hallucinate and hear voices...all revolving around fire. Soon her hallucinations actually start to feel real.
    Eventually a fire actually happens and a dark figure can be seen that has started the fire (a demon)
    If you actually want to read it go ahead
    It's not one of my best works though :/
    What I'm going to do differently is that around the city there are similar teens going through similar happenings.
    You can either play as someone who knows the teen who is hallucinating or the actual teen hallucinating, you can't play as the demon behind it all.

    -You must be able to post at least three sentences
    -No godmodding
    -don't try to change anything up without consulting me first
    -If you don't know if something would go with the plot please ask
    -play nice and all iwaku rules applies

    Character Sheets:

    Appearance: (It can be real photo or anime)


    Name: Diamond
    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    Personality: Diamond will point out something if she feels it isn't right, and even if it goes against a rule she will break it if it doesn't seem right. She can be sarcastic, and stubborn
    Bio: Diamond now lives with her older brother after her mother accidentally killed their father. Her parents never got along and were always fighting. As a kid her and her brother never got attention and were often neglected. The last fight between their parents were about her father sleeping with other women while he claimed that he was only 'hunting'. Her mother tried snatching his hunting gun and as he tried to get it back he was accidentally shot. Diamond never really felt any emotion when it happened, her parents never really seemed like her parents anyway.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
Thread Status:
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