Don't mind the clouds you can't see

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  1. It was a lovely day, and the sun was shining brightly on the sky. There wasn't much clouds, except for a few, white ones, and Tom felt like giving them all a hug. Even though the weather was lovely, not too hot, neither too cold, Tom was riding his car. It was an old, red van, wich had been through a lot. Tim saw the van as his closest friend, and he usually talked to it all day long. He loved being on the road, always going somewhere. He loved the feeling of being free, and he was sure that the van, whose name was Tricky cloud, loved it too.

    It was early afternoon when Tom parked the van on the parkinglot, and went into the small shop on the side of the road. There wasn't many in there except from the girl working there, only two more. He grabbed a piece of gum, a soda and a bucket. A bucket full of sunshine, he thought as he paid and went back to the van. He placed the soda and the gum on the seat beside him, and the bucket he placed behind him. The van had two seats in the front, wich now were occupied by Tom, the gum and the soda, and three seats behind him. After that there was no more seats, only a fence between the seats and the back of it. In the back, there were two blankets, a book, a radio and one pillow. He slept there once in a while, actually.

    When half of the soda was empty and a gum had been chewed, Tom stopped the van and stepped outside. It was about to get dark, but he guessed this was the time when people got home from school and work, or whatever they were doing. He wasn't one of them, so, why would he care at what time they got home? He decided to go and pee, and beacuse that the place he had stopped at was a lonely place, he stood beside Tricky cloud, peeing.
  2. Damon worked in the fields for the whole day. Always plowing and always sowing seeds into the ground. It was only a few days left when he can go back to the city and for that he was grateful. Sure he loved the field but he also loved the people in the city. They made him feel safe and secure, like someone always has his back.

    Unlike out here. Usually he was alone as his father and grandfather worked on different parts of the farm. He seemed to always wear a sad look on his tabbed face as he worked with no one around. One day he was just taking a break as he saw a van pull up. Quickly he walked up for the company and greeted the man kindly.

    "Hey there stranger!" Damon called out "What is a nice folk like you doing all the way out here?" he asked slowly approaching the man.
  3. Tom was surprised that someone actually would walk right to him as he was peeing. Wasn't peeing one of those things you did in private? Not anymore, he thought as he pulled up his pants and leaned towards the van, looking at whoever stood in front of him.
    "I hope you have a good reason for interrupting me", he said, smiling a little, not wanting to seem unfriendly. Even though it was a bit unexpected, Tom liked that this boy - whoever he was - had the courage to just walk right up to him. Not like he looked scary or anything, but he wasn't really used to saying hi to people on the streets (or anywhere, to be honest). He thought of a good excuse, but then he came to think about it - why would he lie? There was nothing to hide, he was just an innocent man peeing behind his red van.

    "I'm not doing anything really... just peeing, as you... well, I just did pee, not anymore, as you can see", Tom said, happy with what he had just accomplished to say. "And, what's your reason for getting out here and walking right up to me, or maybe you didn't see I was peeing?" he asked, but didn't sound irritated or anything like that. He sighed and looked at the man, who seemed to be a nice guy, at least so far. So far so good, as you say.
  4. "Oh!" He looked flustered "I'm sorry I didn't notice you peeing from the field" He looked down embarrassed "I was just wondering why you stopped in the middle of a deserted highway" Damon looked over at the man's face. He couldn't believe that he just did that and was secretly panicking in his mind. Quickly becoming awkward he looked up at the sky to see clouds. "It's going to rain soon most likely, I have to get back to the farmhouse before it does" Damon said thinking out loud.
  5. "No worries", Tom said with a smile. He didn't mind talking to the boy. He assumed that the boy didn't usually meet people in the deserted highway like this, something he hadn't thought about. So, why was he there? That was a tricky question, he actually didn't know it himself yet. He sighed.
    "As if my van is broken, you mean?" he said, beacuse he could not think of any other reason for the boy to come up to him like this, except from helping him with his van, in case it was broken. He shook his head. "My van isn't broken, in case you're worried", he said.

    Tom nodded slightly and looked up at the sky. It actually looked like it was about to rain.
    "Shit, I don't like rain. Nor those clouds", he said, suddenly looking unhappy. "I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but before you leave, could you please have a quick look at this tire", he said, pointing at one of the van's tires, "you look like one of those guys who is good with cars and things, right?" he said with a smile. "It'll be quick, just see so that there's no holes or anything, my vision isn't that good", he said and sighed as he walked to the frontdoor and opened it. "Knock on the van when your hands are on it, and I'll drive forward slowly so that you can check the rest", he said before he closed the door and started the van.
  6. "Sure thing sir," Damon said bending down to look at the tire. The tire seemed a little flat to him and patted the tire. There was no holes it was just not filled with enough air. He too his hands off the tire and banged on the van's side loudly signalling him to move forward somewhat. The sky made him uneasy as the clouds got darker and the wind picked up. If he didn't leave soon he would be caught in a storm in the middle of a field which was never a good move.

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  7. Tom didn't really think that there was anything wrong with the tire, but who knew? He wanted to be sure. And besides, he liked this boy. Or, maybe he just didn't like being alone? No, he didn't mind being alone either, actually. When he got the signal, he slowly drove forward. Maybe it was a good idea to check the tire after all, since it looked like the weather was getting worse. He didn't really like the idea of having to stay there just beacuse of the tire, in case there was something wrong with it. On the other hand, he could sleep in the car, no problem with that. He looked back to see that everything was OK before he stopped the van, looking out through the window, and then he quickly glanced at the boy. Everything seemed to be just fine.
    "Just be sure to check it all, I don't want to get stuck out here, you know", he said after opening the door a little, looking at him. He knew that it was a lie, but he also knew that that was probably what any other person would have wanted in a situation like this.

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  8. "Okay," Damon said moving from tire to tire. They were all in good shape considering the shape of the van. He looked up again and the clouds were now looming. He began rushing a bit checking every bit of the tires before walking up to the drivers side of the van and knocking on the window. "Hey, I know this is a bit much to ask you but can you drive me a bit, Me driving there on the tractor wont get me there quick enough and I don't want to get caught in a storm," he shifted about waiting for an answer.
  9. Tom sure was surprised of the boys unexpected question. Was Tom so nice that he'd drive him a bit? He thought about it. Yes, why not? It's not like he had any other plans, and besides, he didn't feel like leaving him yet, it would be wrong letting him be all alone in the storm. And like he said, maybe he got caught, and if so, Tom wouldn't like to be the one knowing that he could have saved his life by just letting him get in the van for a few minutes or so. Actually, this wasn't according to the plan, but why not try something else? Just playing along.
    "Sure, I'll drive you. You're right, it's a bit much to ask, but hey, you took a look at my tires, so I guess I owe you this, don't you think?" he said, and without waiting for an answer he nodded towards the other seat in the front and smiled a little. So, what was going to happen next? Anything. He just had to think of something good. Something cool, something triggering. Something new. He had a feeling that this was going to be an exciting night.
    "So, where are you going?", he asked.
  10. Damon walked around the van and hopped in. "Thanks," He said with a smile while buckling up. "I just need to go to the place I'm staying which is two miles up the road." He said pointing forwards. He felt a bit awkward around the man still and didn't quite trust him but he needed to get home and fast. He turned away from the man and looked out the window. His father is going to have his head knowing that Damon left the tractor out with no cover in the rain.
  11. Tom looked closely at the man, well, not like it was obvious. While he drove, he glanced at him once in a while. Did this man trust him? He wasn't sure. It was a hard one, with some it was very easy to tell if they were OK with him or not, but this time he simply couldn't tell. So, somewhere in the middle, he guessed. Not like it would matter that much anyways.Tom drove slowly up the road, and there were two reasons. One, he wanted to make sure that the tires were alright. And two, he needed time to think.
    "When you say staying, do you mean that you don't really live here?", he asked. He had checked all the roads around where he was, just to be sure where to stop if something happend. He liked being prepared, nothing ever happend without him being prepared for it. He knew what he was going to do. When he had been driving on the road for a bit, wich he guessed was about 2 miles, he kept driving. On and on he drove the van without stopping.
    "Oh. I'm sorry, did I miss it?" he asked, looking at the man. He knew that he had. He sighed and looked out the window. He kept driving but a bit slower than before.
    "I'll turn around whenever I can, sorry", he said, sounding sorry for his mistake.
    "Tell me if you see anywhere to pull over so that I can turn around", he said, even though he didn't really had any plans on doing so.
  12. Damon looked out as the man passed the turn off. "Oh that was where I was going!" He exclaimed pointing out the window to the large farm house "And yeah, I only visit every two months to help out," Damon frowned out the window watching the house go by. Sighing he looked ahead at the road and said "In half a mile you should be able to make a u-turn"
  13. Tom looked around, pretending to look for whatever was a good place to make a u-turn. Driving on for that half mile, in case that he was right. Where was he going now? He wasn't sure. Damn, he should have made this plan better before he really got started on it. But, well, Tom was known for being good at doing things like this. He wasn't the one who liked planning things. He liked action. After a while it seemed to get a bit lonely. In fact, he couldn't see anyone anywhere. Had they gone too far? He didn't drive as fast as before, as if he wanted time to think. Something new, yes, something new, not something planned! Damn. This was so wrong. He sighed and looked at him. "You're OK, right?" he said, and shook his head and stopped the car without warning, beside a meadow. "You need to pee? Go do that, there are a few things I have to check before we keep driving, like, a map for example. Take a pee for gods sake, before you pee yourself", he said.
  14. Where was he taking him? Why did he just keep driving, was this man daft? Damon watched each tree pass with growing wariness. This was a bad idea. Getting a ride from a complete stranger what did he think he was doing? The car stopped suddenly and he jolted forward. "No I demand you to take me home," He ordered crossing his arms and not moving to leave.
  15. This wasn't really what Tom had thought would happend, that he would suddenly simply refuse to do as he was told. But, of course it could happen, he thought. Everything could. So, he sighed, leaned forwards and looked at him. "Sure. I will. I will get you home, no worries", he said, then looking out the window. The weather wasn't that nice. He looked at the man again and then out the window, once again. "So, you won't leave the car, no worries. You think I'll drive away from you, is that what you think? That I'll rob you and then just drop you off here in the middle of nowhere, is that what you think of me, huh?" he said, and sounded pretty sad. "Well, well", he then said and sighed, gave the man a brief smile before looking back into the van. "It's getting late, you know", he said, and started driving again before continuing, "so why don't you let me handle this? I know these roads, don't worry, I'll get you home", he said. "It's just that I feel lonely sometimes. Company is nice, you know what I'm saying? And it's not like you're in a hurry, are you? I'm sorry if you are, the thing is just that I was hoping that it was OK if I drove you a bit longer than you asked for. For company", he said, wich was true. He loved the company, and he didn't care if the man didn't want to do as he told him, because he would still be the perfect company. The perceft guy to be with, a night like this.