Don't Go Out After Dark

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Modern, Romance, Fandom, Scifi, Fantasy

The town of Sleepy Hollow, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, has a weird air about it. You come across it when you least expect it and when you're looking for it, you can't find it. As such, Sleepy Hollow doesn't often have tourists. Not the residents of Sleepy Hollow are unkind. In fact, they are quite the opposite. They have gone so long without a new face that they be happy to oblige.

The quiet little town of Sleepy Hollow is the perfect little place, once you get used to its quirks. There are unspoken rules that they residents follow like law. You'd be smart to learn them. If there's any you learn by heart, it should be this: Don't go out after dark. That is, unless you plan on being one of the more permanent residents of Sleepy Hollow.​

No god-moding/Mary Sues/Etc
This is just a basic rule you should always follow. Make your characters realistic, realistic characters have flaws.

Proper grammar is a must
English doesn't have to be your first language but you must understand how to write it. A few mistakes every now and then are okay but if you write in "txt talk" or just have terrible grammar, you will not be accepted into the roleplay. This is absolutely nonnegotiable.

A minimum of one response per every two days
This requirement may be negotiated on certain circumstances but it's important to be online often to help move the plot along

A minimum of one paragraph per response
A paragraph in this case is defined as at least six lines of solid content

Being rude out of character is unacceptable
Your partners are your friends. You should bond over the RP, not bicker and argue. In character, there are no restrictions as long as your character has good reason.

Be original
Don't be afraid to stray from the norm. A diverse cast is far more realistic!​
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