Don't Fear The Reaper

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    The time is 4093, the land has been plagued with a cyber war lasting 20 years. Cities are recovering or in a state of depression, no one knows the cause of the war, only that it was fought by cyborgs or humanlike robots. Creators made them for normal household duties long before the war started. These robots were human slaves, built for cooking, cleaning, and occasionally the sexual favors. Then became the beginning of the Gamer wars. People modeled robots for sparing, modeled them to fight others in a battle similar to Mortal Kombat the modern game of 2015. This opened more doors than people were ready for, and this caused issues between companies who modeled said robots.

    Then the war came and despite their best efforts, the robots were then turned into fighting machines, their programing only to kill. Knights were made, acting as shields while the giant companies made far more advanced androids. Assassins. Robots who were sent to kill major company leaders, they were skilled and far more deadly than knights, able to sneak to places the heavier built knights couldn't. Some were used as moles to get information.

    The war seemed to end for a short while, leaving cities and towns to fix themselves and become prosper once again, the robots becoming maids and slaves once again. The war seemed to be over as the knights and assassin's were decommissioned and destroyed.

    This is where you come in, a middle class male with an upstate apartment and the job everyone wants, or so you'd like to think. You have an intense drinking problem after your girlfriend of ten years passes of cancer. It has been noted by your friends that you seem like the type who would enjoy an android sex slave, a female made for solving your frustrations and exciting your deepest pleasures. The conversation brings up your issue of drinking and you get drunk enough to stumble into the ruins of your city. Seeing nothing but rubble you hit a secret alleyway and trip over something that seems like a human leg.

    You remove the rubble from the leg to find an android, the clothing she was made with makes you think she was a sex slave for a rich family but that is not the case. Nevertheless, considering your friends advice you decide to take her home, clean her up and get her working. She cleans and does what a normal house slave robot would, but her human skin and the option for her clothing and boots to be taken off would suggest to you that she was a sex slave.

    You leave her be one night while she updates herself, hearing a loud thump in the middle of the night. She has killed the night guard for your apartment complex. Her new updates allow her better speech and the more you decide to keep her since she is a rare breed of assassin. You two learn more things about yourselves. The rest is history.

    (I would like to play the assassin android. Send me a pm if you are interested)
  2. Hmmmm... I am quite interested in the plot, I'll send you a PM in a moment.
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