Don't Dream

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  1. Ivy has been stuck in the Dreamworld for several days now, and she doesn't even know the time difference from Dreamworld to the real world. She's perfectly aware of her situation, possibly because she was in the state of lucid dreaming when it happened: she got stuck and there was no way to wake her up.
    She sat down on a bench, looking at the unfamiliar town she was in. It was probably in some other country in the real world. There were narrow roads, few stores and houses, and green. Lots and lots of green. Green trees, green grass, green shrubs. It was so filled with nature that it made her desperate to get out of this dream.
    She wasn't used to this. She was a city girl. She loved the sight of traffic, the smell of different foods, the sound of so many people talking and squealing and shouting. She missed the massive buildings, flashy cars... There was nothing here!
    There was no one here.
    Or at least, that's what she thought.
  2. Eli walks past Ivy, his back angle-like wings showing.
  3. Oh my God, a human being! What, was he dreaming, too? Of course he's dreaming, if he wasn't, he wouldn't be here.
    "Hey, wait, WAIT!" she called out, following him. "You winged dude, I do hope you're not just a made-up thing from my imagination, I really do hope you're a real person dreaming!"
  4. Lorelei counted the change in her pocket, only fifty cents left. She spent all of her money on coffee-- which she drank, which did nothing.

    Now she only had a pittience worth of change, which wasnt even enough to buy an energy shot.

    Her eyelids drooped heavily as she wandered through the house, searching for an activity to keep awake. There was a strange phenomina going around lately. People were sleeping, yet they werent waking up. They werent in a coma... they were just, sleeping. But Lorelei was determined not to be a casualty, or so she hoped. She would have to run the gauntlet of yet another week of work on the start of her sleepless journey. The implications of insanity were there, as she further denied her body's needs. But it was worth it. Maybe.

    Her mind was numb, dulled to humming thoughts and she sat down on the couch by the t.v. Perhaps some lively show to keep her awake. So Lorelei watched, and within five minutes she was out.

    And into the rabbit hole she fell.
  5. Ivy was still following the winged guy when out of nowhere, a girl suddenly appeared on the ground.
    "Holy mackerel, what's happening?" She asked herself as she stopped pursuing the guy and cautiously walked to the fallen girl instead. "Um, hey, are you... Are you a real person? Please don't say you're just a figment of my imagination, I'm so lonely in this dream." She was desperate. She needed to talk to someone real.
  6. A short black haired girl with glasses that had one blue lens and one red lens. She had four horns on her head and a musturd yellow sideways )=( on her black shirt. Her skin was a silver. This was her dream being. Well that's what she called herself anyways.
  7. 'More are coming into the dream... They're going to be stuck!' Ivy internally panicked as she saw another girl with horns. 'Wow, this is one different dream.'
    "H-h-hey there," she greeted, "mind helping me out?" She gestured to the fallen girl.
  8. A hard thud. A jolt sended through Lorelei's body, as if she had fallen off her couch. Her eyes shot open, while her arms flailed about in reaction till it hit her that she wasnt falling. Never mind that. She wasnt even home!

    "What the... fuck?"

    The woman waved her hand at what was speaking to her in dismissiveness. "Not now, I'm trying to find out where I am. Okay, so, where am I?"

    She stared absently at the city, squinting as she tried to focus in on some memory, some idea of where she landed. Her attention whipped from the city to the woman, creature, thing, who materialized beside her.

    "And who the hell is this?"
  9. Ethan had been staying awake for days, and the bags under his eyes showed it. It was getting difficult to stay awake, even when he tried to occupy himself. He ran a hand through his jet black hair as he tried to think of a way to stay awake. A dozen empty soda cans were strewn around his chair, and a dozen more energy drinks. He decided to play a game, watch a movie... something. Just something to overcome boredom and stay awake. But as he walked down the hall, he began to succumb. Hallucinations... waking dreams started appearing to him. It wouldn't be long before he fell to sleep, but for now, he was still fighting.
  10. Ivy sighed in relief. "Well, thank God you're alive!" she exclaimed. "I don't know who she is and we're in a dream that I've been stuck in for days. I suppose this is like one of the servers of the dream world or something..."

    There was a shadow of some sort appearing and disappearing, something like a glitch. "Whoa, wait a moment, what's that shadow over there...?" Was it a person fighting to stay awake? She couldn't tell, she was no expert in this.
  11. Eli looks at the strange girl and raises an eyebrow, watching the entire thing. Then he walks up to her. "Of course I am real. Why would you ask that?"
  12. Mike had dosed of at an opera his girlfriend dragged him toooo ...... He would appear to be a big foot but it would have rainbow hair.... It behins to fade as a dream does when it begins to change... It then reappears and he is seen as a 5foot tall man with 1thousand swords on hm not litterally.. He bends down and picks up a flower.. He walks to the people " hey you guys are new... Well I am too" he smiles and hands the flower to a female who would appear to be ivy."how do u do?"
  13. Eli glances at Mike What is going on? He thought.
  14. Ivy looked up at the guy she first met in her dream. "I was hoping you were real. I didn't want to think I was associating with my imagination."
    She looked back to the fallen girl. "We need to find out how to get out of here and wake up. Who knows what people would do to our bodies back in reality?"
  15. Eli looks at her, "And how do you suppose we do that?"
  16. Ivy sighed in defeat. "Well... I don't know how to do that just yet," she muttered. "If there was a way to wake anyone up from a dream like this..."
  17. Eli thinks deeply.
  18. "Well, I suppose I'll just leave this girl on the bench and look for a doctor," Ivy said, standing up. "Can you help me carry her to that bench?" She asks, pointing to a bench a few meters away .
  19. Eli nods and picks her up with no effort, and gently sets her on the bench.
  20. Ivy smiled. "Thanks," she said, walking to the center of the small town to look for a doctor. She was hoping there would be one somewhere around here, unless he or she was in the city. She didn't hope for that.
    She finally spotted something like an infirmary, which she entered. It seemed like there was no one present at the moment, so she sat on one of the small chairs and waited for a few minutes. No one came out.
    "Um, hello?" she called out. "... anyone here?" There seemed to be no reply. She dreaded the worst.