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  1. AHA!...
    You clicked.

    Hello! I'm Cel, welcome to my search thread!
    I'm going to skip further introduction of myself due to the fact that some of the things I would have put in said introduction will appear throughout this thread.

    Let's get started!

    ° I use small, light colored text, as you can probably already tell. If this bothers you or makes it difficult for you to read for whatever reason, just ask me to choose a darker color or make my text a little bigger!

    ° Nothing within this thread was written to offend anyone, just matters of personal preference.

    ° I use Iwaku on my cell phone, this means that between autocorrect and the Swype feature I use, there will likely be mistakes here and there that I don't notice right away, especially if I'm in a rush.
    Moving on!

    My "Only's":
    ° I only do MxF.(Straight Pairings)
    ° I only RP in the third person.(She, He, not I)
    ° I only RP within Iwaku.
    ° I only RP with people who can write more than a one liner or a short paragraph. At least one long/solid paragraph, please!

    Fair enough, right?

    ° I only do MxF where I prefer to play the female, but I am willing to try to play a male role if I find the plot interesting enough that I could insert a comfortable male character.

    ° Especially in 1x1s, I usually enjoy at least some aspect of romance, while not being the only and main basis in most instances.

    ° My main interests include fantasy, modern fantasy and slice of life, but I can be flexible.

    ° I'm not much for fandoms unless they are one I am extremely familiar with, or the RP would be extremely loosely based with no characters from the fandom. (for example, just using the world/setting/plot)

    ° I am more comfortable playing with other adult members.

    ° I like good grammar, long posts, detail, friendliness, and dislike the opposites of these, text talk, and an unnecessary amount of cursing/cussing/swearing. Please use minimal(this doesn't mean none at all, just not every sentence your character speaks) foul language in our RP. Excessive swearing makes an RP/character boring in my opinion.

    Again, not so bad, right?

    So now that I've sorted through some by putting my preferences first, let's get to other matters, shall we?

    (Prefer for you to play, prefer to play)
    (=currently wanting to do)
    (*+#=has plot, find matching number)
    (Currently Unavailable As Is)

    (Interchangeable/No Preference)
    ♡Supernatural x Human♡
    ♡American/Aussie/UK Boy x French Girl♡*1
    Hunter x Hunted
    Regular x Barista/Waitress
    Extrovert x Introvert*2
    Mental Patients*3

    Once Upon A Time RP
    ( Loading.. )

    To the plots!!

    #1: Bonjour? ( Slice of Life, Romance )
    Lena is new in town, very new. All the way from France, she ended up here (America/UK/Australia). While trying to move in to her new home (house/apartment in complex) she meets him (your character), a boy who's lived here all/most of his life. How will he(you) take her, and what will come of this chance meeting?

    #2: Party Pooper ( Slice of Life, Romance )
    Character A (mine) is not a regular partying person. The only reason she's in attendance at this one in particular is because her best and only friend dragged her here with a serious of puppy dog faces and threats. Character B (you) is a regular party goer, as he's outgoing and friendly with plenty of friends for the roster. He notices character A and makes it his goal to get her in the partying mood. What will become of his efforts?

    #3: Are You Crazy? ( Slice of Life, Romance )
    There's a new person in town, or rather, a new patient, in room 117(Character A) who causes quite a commotion upon their arrival, catching Character B's attention, who's been in the ward for a few years now. Over time and interaction, they form a relationship. But what happens when Character B gets the news that they'll be leaving soon? (Alternatively, what happens when Character A gets threatened with a transfer?)

    #4: ( Loading.. )
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  2. Hello there. I wouldn't mind RP'ing with you if you are still looking. While you do not seem to have many pairings or plots up at the moment, I wouldn't mind discussing/brainstorming plots to either of the pairings you have mentioned here.
  3. @Valor
    Sorry about the delay. Long, sick, busy weekend x.x
    I am still looking!
    And I'm still working on and off to add more to this thread.
    The second has a plot that I've just not written down, but I'm more than open to hear your ideas!
    Go ahead and shoot me a pm at your convenience~
  4. Hello I also rp via phone only. I would like to rp with you.
  5. @~Dark Disney~
    Sure thing!
    Go ahead and shoot me a pm when you're able so we can discuss!~
  6. ~ Some Pairings Added
    ~ Plots Added
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  7. I'm interested in the Supernatural x Human, or the Hunter x Hunted pairings, and can play either side of either one. If you're interested I can PM.
  8. @Syoca
    Go ahead and shoot that to me and we can discuss more~
  9. I'm interested in the mental patient idea ^.^
  10. @Hayley
    Just shoot me a pm when you're able~
  11. Still looking, some stuff added..
    Craving a Once Upon A Time type RP~
  12. Hey are you interested in doing the Are You Crazy RP?
  13. @slifer
    Sure, go ahead and shoot me a pm~
  14. I pm'd you!
  15. I did too!
  16. All checked and responded!~
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