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The space was a tad too intimate for Bix’s liking, but, given his current financial standing, or perhaps lack thereof, he wasn’t in a position to complain. Small cushioned chairs and wooden tables lined the far, wall-length windows, so close that he could reach out and touch them from where he sat at the piano bench. A portion of the high, white counter pressed into his shoulders, and he leaned against it, tilting his head back with the quietest of sighs. Acrid, bitter scents of ground coffee beans filled his nose, strong and unpleasant enough to evoke a grimace. From somewhere deep within the treacherous bowels of the kitchen he could smell something baking; or, rather, burning. It’s no wonder that not a soul sat among this graveyard of empty chairs and cobweb-filled coffee mugs.

Wedging the tip of his shoe into the space between the floor tiles, Bix lowered his chin to stare over at the ivory piano keys. Looking at them, a small, gentle, smile spread itself across his lips as it lifted a hand to stoke the keys, fingertips just barely grazing their pearl-smooth surface. They didn’t seem as though they belonged here, in this dim, dingy, rundown coffee shop. They seemed far too perfect, too noble. Still, pianos weren’t meant for display; the way he saw it, Bix felt that they would be unhappy that way. Shifting his jaw, he cuffed the sleeves of his white button-down shirt and straightened his back, fingers poised and ready. Time to do what both he and the piano were meant to do: make music.

It felt like a beautiful day outside, it wasn't too hot not was it too cold it was just perfect walking weather. Bambi walked in front of her like she always had, aggressive towards people she thought suspicious with her ears perked up and her tail wagging back and forth furiously. "Hey Bambi if you're going to walk me around could you not abuse me with your tail, you know it's long" Charlotte said sighing as she heard the German Shepard in front of her whine a bit and stop moving her tail all together. Bambi had been her service dog for a long as she could remember, Bambi had been her birthday present when she turned seven and started walking herself to school. Of course it took a year for her to actually be noted as a service dog but as soon as she was Bambi started walking Charlotte around so she didn't have to carry her walking cane around all the time.

"Why don't we stop in the cage and get something to drink, I can hear you panting from here..." She smiled at the large dog in front of her and instantly felt her tug on the leash which told her that Bambi agreed with the plan. They had been going to this cafe for a while now since Bambi loved how cool the floor was and it was peaceful enough for Charlotte to get some studying done. But since all her homework was done for the day she just wanted to sit and see what talent they had today, most of the time it was wannabe Justin Biebers but some of the time it was actually talent. As soon as she felt Bambi sit down she figured that they had reached the door which meant the worse part came. Feeling around the door for a bit she sighed as she finally got it open And felt as least every pair of eyes on her. Bambi found their favorite table and hopped up in one of the chairs then Charlotte made her way over to the ordering place getting just a small coffee and a bowl full of ice water for Bambi. Yes everything for her was pretty weird but the own of the cafe had fell in love with Bambi, despite Charlotte's protest for no special treatment the lady just blatantly ignored her and reserved a little table in the corner just for them, her faithful customers. As she waited for the drinks Charlotte listened to the music that was playing in the background and figured that they hadn't gotten anyone, it didn't bother her since she loved the sound of a piano but she was really hoping that someone live would have been there.

Making her way back to the table, or attempting and tripping over her own feet. Bambi had hopped off the chair once she saw her struggling and helped her the rest if the way. Charlotte placed the bowl in the floor for Bambi and found her chair and sat down listening to the sound of the speakers play, not realizing that it was actually a human playing at the keys.
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Distantly Bix heard the sound of the shop door opening, and he glanced from the corner of his eye to see a fair-haired young woman and a dog enter. He thought it strange at first, but then again, he was in a strange place that probably saw its fair share of strange people, so perhaps these things were considered normal here. Either way, now he had an audience, a pair—or, he supposed, two pairs—of ears to listen to his playing and appreciate the beauty that he could not, created by music he could only perceive in the vibrations at his fingertips.

Compelled by this new asset, Bix allowed his eyelids to fall and surrendered himself to the consuming fires of passion. Determination tensed the muscles of his shoulders and wove them closer together, his head lowered as though he meant to drown himself in his work. Shudders rocked and swayed his body, and the balletic dancing of his hands across the keys appeared nearly impossible given the speed at which they moved. His finger slipped once, and so minuscule was his blunder that it would’ve gone unnoticed by the untrained ear, yet irritation flickered in his brow and his teeth clasped onto the inside of his cheek. But a pale mask enveloped his face a moment later and he finished the sonata with a few quick, impeccably executed notes that resounded in the air long after his fingers left the keys.

With a huff Bix leaned against the counter and cracked the knuckles of his left hand, giving his heart a moment to calm itself. He wasn’t perfect, and the knowledge of his imperfections was a vine of thorns wrapping around his soul. If only he could play perfectly. Maybe then things would be better. Passing a tongue over his upper lip, Bix glanced over with coy, gentle chestnut eyes to the young woman and wondered if she enjoyed his playing. Maybe, if he mustered up enough courage, he would go over and ask her. Maybe, just maybe.
Charlotte listened for a while listening to the beautiful sonnet figuring that if they could just play this recording that she would be happy. She kept listening moving her head softly back and forth as if she was just rocking herself to sleep. These were the moments that were peaceful, even Bambi was quiet which was surprising to her. Even when the only thing that she could do was bark until she annoyed someone to death. But the song ended and she felt a sort of emptiness, then she heard something. It was a huff of frustration and a clicking of paws that probably belonged to Bambi. The clicking of her nails became distant so she figured that whoever that sound belonged to was where she was going. "H-hello is someone there?" The sounds must have belonged to someone who could have been anyone.

Standing up from her seat she tried to find Bambi who had gone to Bix circling around him trying to get rubbed. "Bambi...who are you bothering?" Cat tried to feel her way around so that she hadn't bumped into anything. Which she eventually ended up doing anyway, feeling the left side of her body hitting a table she grunted and whimpered. He hadn't reacted though, not that she was expecting him to but he hadn't been like most people who would have jumped to see if she was okay cause he heard her grunt. Finally reaching the place where she had head the grunt Charlotte placed her hand in the piano and tried to find the source of the huff.

"Hello, is there someone here, Bambi pipe down girl" she said sternly hearing how her paws were clicking against the ground with everyone hop she made around the figure that she couldn't see. Hoping that she wasn't just yelling in someone's face Charlotte reached her hand out feeling something soft. Moving her hands around she moved her head from side to side trying to figure out exactly what this was that she was touching. Moving her hand down a bit she new exactly what she was touching, it was someone's face...well specifically someone's nose. "Oh my god, I am so sorry...I didn't mean to face" Cat quickly pulled her hand away and felt her face getting a bit hot with blush. "Bambi were you bothering her?"
Bix watched as the large, white dog with black and tan splotches along its back bounded up to him, almost pleading for someone to pet her. Sticking out a tentative hand, he ran his fingers through her soft, silken fur and smiled. He never owned a dog growing up, but that was every child’s dream, wasn't it? It seemed that kids were either entirely enraptured by them, or utterly terrified. Now, stroking the side of the animal’s neck, he couldn’t quite recall in which of those categories he fell, but it hardly seemed to matter much at this moment in time.

Movement stirred in the corner of Bix’s eye, and he glanced up to notice that the young woman had risen from her seat. He thought he saw her stumble for a moment, groping around as though she couldn’t see a thing despite her eyes appearing to be wide open. And then, shifting his gaze between the dog and her, it hit him; she really couldn’t see anything at all. She was blind. He felt his heart sink, weighed down by a sense of sad empathy.

This notion was confirmed when the woman reached out at brushed her fingers against his nose, and Bix remained very still in an effort not to frighten her. He saw her face grow a deep scarlet as she yanked away her hand and, by the sudden heat that spread out over his cheeks, he felt his own face do the same. His eyes flickered down to her mouth as she spoke, catching a bit of her final sentence. Did she just call him a she? Bix guessed he couldn’t blame her, and he didn’t; in fact, a series of gentle, infectious chuckles burst from his throat, soft and soothing, like waves against a shore.

“Please, don’t worry about it at all, Miss,” He said, his voice rippling in tones as tender and warm as early morning sunshine. “I just hope I didn’t scare you, I’d be ashamed if I ever did such an awful thing.”
"Sir, crap and I called you a girl...your hair is just really soft...I try to put as much as I can together" Cat smiled when she heard his chuckling and started laughing softly her own self. She was beyond embarrassed, in fact she had never been this embarrassed...except when she had walked in the males bathroom and sat on a urinal. Other than that, this came pretty close. "No you didn't scare me I just thought that I was in here alone, but that means....that was you playing the piano, you sounded amazing...Bambi even enjoyed it cause she kept quiet" Once the German Shepard heard her name she stepped back over to her side placing her head under Cat's hand.

"I honestly thought that you were a recording or a CD that they were were, wow I don't even know what else to say" using one hand to scratch behind Bambi's ear and used her other hand to place it in the small nape of her neck. He seemed sweet, gladly he didn't bring up the whole blind thing cause anyone with eyes could have seen that she was blind. But she didn't want to spend the whole conversation praising him for how amazing he sounded, cause it was pretty great. In fact the way he played reminded him of the way her mother played for the church while her father was preaching.

"Your voice is really soft...that was awkward, I meant to say hi I'm Charlotte" removing the hand from her neck she held it out in front of her hoping that he would meet her half way. Taking the other hand from Bambi, Cat brushed some of her caramel colored locks out of her face cause the hairs were tickling her nose and forehead. Why was she introducing herself to a complete stranger? Who knew, he really just reminded her a lot of her mom with the way he played, or the way he talked. His voice was like a safe haven because of how smooth it was. She didn't feel safe but she felt okay to at least tell him her name.
Bix watched her full, alluring lips as she spoke, effortlessly and precisely translating even the slightest of their movements into words. It had taken some time for him to reach the point at which he could differentiate between certain words and letters, but, after a while, it became almost as natural as breathing. Now, as he connected the subtle motions of her mouth to words his hears have never heard, he couldn’t help but let out a fluttering laugh that filled the room like a rose-tinted spray. His shoulders convulsed as he attempted to stifle it with his hand, but even so it managed to spill out between his narrow fingers.

“You’re rather funny, Miss Charlotte; I find it quite endearing,” Bix said in a low, sweet tone and took her hand in his, gently, as though he was cradling a dove with a broken wing. “I’m glad I’ve had the privilege of meeting you. You can call me Bix.”

Releasing her hand, he turned his attention to the piano and continued, “I’m also very happy that you enjoyed my music, as I can’t enjoy it myself. Well, on a purely acoustic level, at least. In fact, I can’t hear anything at all; I was born entirely deaf.”

Even as he spoke these words, Bix had no idea as to why he felt the desire to tell her such intimate, private things. As a rule he opened up to no one, simply because it wasn’t necessary to get so close to others; it made him uncomfortable. But, perhaps it was his mutual understanding with Charlotte that caused his tongue to loosen and his heart to lower its guard. Still, as he tightened his jaw ever so slightly, he decided that he shouldn’t reveal too much from this point forward.
She was confused, confused and sad. She felt bad but didn't really want to say anything so she stayed quiet. Then she plugged her ears with her fingers and gave a child like smile. "I'm not going to give you pity...I think it makes you fact I think you play better than a person that can hear..." She then pulled her fingers out of her ears and covered her eyes with her hands. "I can't see but what's the need, I can see everyone as much as I need're a nice guy with a sweet voice and soft hair..." Pulling her hands down with a shrug she bent down grabbing Bambi's leash. "I think being deaf just makes you more special...come on girl, home" but before she let the dog pull her she turned with a soft bubbling laugh.

"It's actually pretty funny...we could be out own tv show, the deaf boy and the blind girl...its a beautiful tragedy that's how I think about it" tugging on the leash softly she let Bambi know that she was ready to leave now, "It was nice meeting you Bix and I hope we could see each other again, well I hope you can see me and I could hear you" Cat turned on her heels letting the dog lead her out of the cafe. She had left the money on her table before leaving so when she felt like she had forgotten something, Cat being herself just brushed it off.

But that was last thing that she should have done....not even realizing it she just walked out of the cafe without her walking stick and her wallet. She just kept walking down the street though letting Bambi guide her back to their little house beside the church that she shared with her parents.

Halfway there she knew she hadn't wanted to go home just yet so she let Bambi guide her to the park following behind the large dog as she kept her aggressive nature walking past everyone and slapping her legs with frantic tail waving back and forward.
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