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Which is your final choice of minty green for the Donators Group?

Poll closed Apr 22, 2016.
  1. #0abc8a

  2. #61c279

  3. #4ab67e

  4. #00FA9A

  5. #0A9153

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. MEMBERS HAVE SPOKEN. Donators will keep a shade of Minty green! The current minty green is in this poll, but perhaps one of these other lovely shades might take your fancy?







  2. Voted for 2 options :D
  3. Uhh... Voted all options? Since all of them are fabulos :bouncy:
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  4. Well out of the contestants...
    I voted for Leprechaun and Shiny

    #61c279 #00FA9A
    because names. I mean, dustmint #4ab67e is also ok, but I just imagined #0A9153 in the username box with Thunder Grey and it would be about as visible as the members' color (read: not very visible).​
  5. #00FA9A is murder on the eyes, especially for light backgrounds. Please, PLEASE, don't use this colour.
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  6. #0abc8a looks the least murderific on all backgrounds, so I chose that.
  7. #00FA9A only works on the dark background

    so I voted all the rest
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  8. #00FA9A Let's turn Iwaku into Vegas with neon.
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  9. I couldn't decide so I voted for them all.

    I need help.
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  10. Crusading against light theme users, eh?
  11. YASSSSS ♥ (#00FA9A)
  12. My agenda is far broader than that. Though, you have my condolences.
  13. I'm fine with all choices EXCEPT the fourth one. Too neon-y.

    Voted for #0abc8a
  14. Why does everyone hate us

  15. Because battle lines have to be drawn somewhere, and background color is the most arbitrary and pointless option so it's clearly the best choice.

    Dark theme best theme, fight me light theme plebs.
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  16. I use dark theme! Just playing devil's advocate because colors are serious business.
  17. I genuinely can't use the darker themes because they're hell on my eyes and induce migraines. It's not just a 'I like the way this looks better' thing for me. :<
  18. Why dont you just put everything into contrast mode?
  19. Not quite sure what that is. In either case, the light theme is there, so why wouldn't I just use that? P:

    Edit: Googled it, and oh what the hell, that's horrid. My issue is looking at white/light text on a black/dark background, and that's what contrast mode does!
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  20. Pretty sure contrast mode is for people with disabilities and helps with reading. Certainly not pleasing to the eyes for most people.

    It's been one of the ugliest themes in Windows for quite some time.