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  1. やった!やった!やった!やった!
    but seriously what the fuck

    whoever made this is funny af
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  2. Mike Diva is a legend. LOL
  3. This is from the same person who made the kazoo kid trap remix video, which is another masterpiece of internet nonsense. He does good work.

  4. I was like "What"

    Then I went "The Fuck"

    Then donald hailed to the fucking hitler with a swastika in the background and I went "This shit is gold"
  5. My favorite part is how he ends up literally destroying the world. Sometimes subtle symbolism and metaphors are overrated and you just have to go big. :P
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  6. Oh god... I've seen this a couple of days ago.

    And was immensely mindf*ked
  7. There are no Mexicans in the video. Coincidence? I think not!
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