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  1. Many years ago when human kind was still young, the best and most brilliant scientists have put their minds together to from the first robot that could think and feel. The robots name was Unit 1.
    The robot could preform any task that the scientist asked them so they made more for other people, soon enough, billions and billions of robots were made and everyone had them.
    A mechanical engineer named Barbra Johnson made a different kind of robot that was a female, called a fembot.
    The fembots sole duty was to in their own way mate with robots to make other robots or fembots to work for humans, however years after of the hard working labor the bots became sick of being slaves and took over Earth.
    Today in the year 3030 technology stayed just the way it was as the year 2014 in fear that humans would gain knowledge and make more weapons of mass destruction to eradicate the robo race. It is said though that there is a massive rebellion known as the Blood Brother Club, plotting to destroy robots, thus setting humans free.

    Anna Burnhart sighed as she walked through a dilapidated building that was once an old hospital. The place was filled with empty hope as usual and many citizens of Robot Mania, stayed hidden away from patrol bots who ruthlessly wandered the streets, looking for anyone breaking the law.
  2. Robin Crood made sure each of his footsteps were light; He didn't want any of the robots to pick up that he was around. He spotted the nearby "Abandoned" hospital and quickly entered it. He looked left and right as he pushed his thick back hair back from his eyes and took broad, swift steps.
  3. Sicillia spotted the "hospital" she ran towards it while not turning to look at how the world had killed her home.Bots were everywhere. Her foots steps felt like she was made of feathers. Soon she loved to run. But she couldn't outrun the bots they were smarter.She met the hospital only to have it filled with well know people,loved people. Sicillia scanned the room someone caught her eye she never met before. She wanted to meet him.
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  4. Anna glanced at Robin and made a signal for someone else to stay back, a girl...about 13 years or so hid behind another part of the building staying as quiet as possible. She noticed Robin and gasped, she quickly pulled out her pocket knife from behind her pants and got ready to fight.

    Anne noticed the girls gasp and quickly pulled out her gun, "whos there!?"
    The girl ran to cover next to Anne who cocked her gun.
  5. Startled by the outcome Sicilia cocked her head in confusion.
  6. Alex was on the roof of the broken hospital. He was surrounded by the bodies of three dead robots. He nonchalantly cut one of the heads off with a hatchet and held it infront of his face. "Alas poor Yorick." He said to himself. He dropped the head and laughed. He amused himself sometimes. He went to work cutting up the peices to make random objects.
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