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    Aquernia was beautiful- on the outside. Glittering and bright buildings anchored to the bottom of the ocean rose a mile into the water. It was a society with magic, advanced technology, and the folks of myth- Myrrh folk, farmers of an underwater myrrh plant- which gave them their name. They had everything. Farmers, miners, metal refiners, construction, scientists, an army- of course these were all women. All of the men were busy running the government.
    In this society the gender ratio had been suspiciously skewed. (And believe me, the scientists have been trying to fix it, to no avail.) Ten women were born for every one male- and for that reason there was no thing as relationship exclusivity between males and females. Females were slightly larger than males and they were very beautiful, but their long necks and tails made it impossible for them to leave the water. Men on the other hand were completely humanoid and had the organs and limbs to leave the water if they needed to, but they chose not to. There really was no point to leaving. Being born male- everything was handed to them and they were born into the lap of luxury. They probably even had lists of women lined up to make love to them in call.
    This was a free love society, where anyone could love anyone, and as many as they pleased, if not everyone- and polyamory was encouraged. For that reason none of the children knew who their fathers were- and only a few of them knew who their mothers were. As soon as a child was able to fend for themselves at toddlers- they were abandoned- but not in a traumatic way. The children were adopted by society- and raised and loved by all of the women in it equally. At the age of 16 the boys are taken away to run things, and women enter a trade school.

    The men are raised surrounded by women, so by the time they're 16 they already have a sense of being rare and special, and possibly even feel above women since women are so common. They are started off as governors, then get promoted to viceroys, then are promoted to senate, then if they're lucky they become elites.

    Kjell and his best friend were viceroys, they each ran districts, and were each applying for a promotion to senate. Kjell was tall, around 5'8" long, had black hair that bobbed gently around his head while he swam with wisps that fell about his shoulders. He had dark golden irises and lighter gold sclera, and gills on the sides of his neck. Webbed fingers and toes, of of course the legs that all of the women of his species so envied.
    He dressed formally, as was normal for a man of his status and age- of 20. He swam on his back and watched the mesmerizingly colorful ripples of the surface dance above him and distort the rays of sun that lit the water. He was thinking about that promotion. He wanted it more than anything, more than women, more than good food, more than friends, more than anything- but he didn't feel like his interview went very well, especially since he was notorious in Aquernia for not being very bright as compared to his other friend- who seemed to be on his way. He stopped moving his arms and he gently fell closer to the ocean floor to greet him.
    "Hey there. How do you think you did in the interview?" he asked him, still looking up to the surface. "I hope one of us get it, at least."
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  2. Ryuga looked at Kjell, no emotion shown on his face -but that was normal since the man rarely lost his cool and preferred to keep to himself, until he met Kjell, who was the only person he had shown any emotion to. Ryuken was pale skinned with light blue hair and emerald green eyes. He didn't think of himself as beautiful because his friend was also if not more good looking than him but that was fine since he wasn't really the kind to care about such things. Ryuken liked it that way and it worked for the two of them. One had charisma and the other brains, one was happy and the other cold, they fit perfectly together.
    "It is improbable that we should fail but I believe it went fine." Ryuga said not batting an eyelash. In honesty he wasn't that worried about it since he only did it for Kjell but even if only one of them made it he would still stay with Kjell.
  3. Kjell cracked a smile, and he scrunched his nose over at Ryuga. "Yoooou always know what to say. Do you wanna get lunch? There's a new shop over in Førsteby." (Førsteby is the Capital city where the senate is, it means simply 'first city.' Kjell runs Småhage (small town) and Ryuken runs Jotunby, (Titan City, a much nicer, bigger and better city. The cities that men run are kind of like a dick contest. The better the city the better the viceroy, and the sooner they get promoted.) I can teach you all sorts of Norwegian, too, lol. Førsteby (the capital), Småhage (my city), and Jotunby (your city) are the only underwater cities that you need to know for the whole RP.) "My treat!" He linked arms with Ryuga in a familial gesture and proceeded to swim with him. "I heard the gals who work there import seasoning from outta water and have cooked meat! It's just a rumor but I hear they do all their cooking in a dry room!" (A room full of air. Myrrhmen have the ability to switch from gills to lungs and survive spitting up water. It's painful but it's possible. Women don't have that ability, they must use gills, but dry rooms and fire are the only way to cook meat- so it's a rare delicacy. Otherwise myrrhfolk are quite content eating raw foods.) "And I haven't been there so I gotta see. What have you been up to lately?" he asked him.
  4. Ryuken shrugged "Not much I've been busy preparing for the interview and reading up on a few things but now I don't have much to do, a small break sounds rather pleasant." He said thinking that going to such a rare place would definitely cause Kjell to get excited he chuckled thinking of how his friend got so excited at some of the places they visited in the past. He thought back to the first time a traveling Myrrh circus came to the city and they had snuck in to get a closer look at the sharks and ended up almost getting caught.They had stuck together for such a long time it was strange to be apart, Ryuken was rather used to his friend's crazy antics.

  5. "What have you been reading up on? I've been practicing my magic over at the male insisitute. I was thinking that if I got super good at my magic then I could put it on my resume. Check it!" He swam in front of Ryuken and his webbed hands glowed a gentle blue, and he showed him how he could make a small underwater cyclone. "It's not too impressive, but. I'm just trying to catch up to you I guess!" He chuckled nervously.
  6. Ryuken gave a small smile and, concentrating, poured out some magic to combine with Kjell's causing the small cyclone to grow bigger but not too big as to make sure no one was put in danger. "Impressive you've improved a lot considering you weren't even able to feel the water's flow before much less control it" he said truly impressed with Kjell's progress and making note in his mind about Kjell's apparent potential and talent with magic. "I've been reading legends and history of Aquernia and the ancestors of our species." He said simply not wanting to indulge too much on his readings or they'd never get to the restaurant.
  7. Proud of himself, he took his hands back and the cyclone dissipated.
    "Thanks," he smiled.

    When they arrived at the store, Kjell opened the door for his friend.
    "We'll have two special ladies! Don't skimp on the cook meat!"
    "Coming right up," she smiled at them.

    She placed a hunk of raw meat in a contraption, and she pulled a lever, dark colored bubbles escaped from the machine, and the meat came back out browned and hot. She quickly placed them on open faced sandwiches and melted cheese over it, then seasoned them and shoved them to Kjell and Ryuken. "Eat them while they're still hot boys! Thirty gold."
    "Thirty gold it is. Who gave that meat cooker to you?" Kjell asked.
    "My daughter invented it for my birthday. She's a scientist."
    "No girl could make fire under the sea."
    "Girls can do anything. I built this building."
    Kjell rolled his eyes, paid, and sat at a booth to eat with Ryuken. "These girls think they're so important," he snickered. "But I suppose I better shut up because they'll raise the raise the prices on me." He hummed in delight after taking another bite.
  8. Ryuken chuckled at his friends behavior and took a bite of his own food. "It's quite delicious don't you agree, Kjell? It's impressive that females are able to do such things even though they have not legs neither lungs. It's a shame that there aren't more females with this potential Aquernia could improve in many aspects if we had more females with such mentality or males with more creativity, right? Ryuken asked taking another bite of his food and savoring it.
  9. "Males are plenty creative. We just made a cyclone, remember?" Kjell noted, smiling. "But yes, things would be better if females were smarter."
    The woman behind the counter glared at them, and swam to the back of the shop. "Hey! since we're in Førsteby, why don't we go to the capitol building and check up on our interview?! I'm sure senator Tor wouldn't mind if we dropped in.
  10. "Hmm. I suppose we could as long as the senator doesn't mind." Ryuken said quickly finishing his food. "Ah. Tell me Kjell what magic level are you in?" He asked curious.
  11. "I'm in five," he smiled embarrassed. It was like being a green belt in Karate. Not impressive and he had much more to go, but it was still more impressive than not knowing magic. "What about you, Ryuken?"
  12. "Hmm well I suppose I would be in level seven but since I did it with a private tutor instead of attending the institute I can't be sure." Ryuken said thinking back to the atrocious tutor that would practically beat his teaching into him. 'He really was a vicious man." Ryuken thought with a slight shiver.
  13. "Well let's go find him and kick his ass!" Kjell exclaimed. "We're viceroys now! We have diplomatic immunity. We can do whatever we want." Kjell pushed the last bit of his sandwich into his mouth, humming with delight. "But after we go speak to senator Tor." He went to the counter and paid the women, then held the door open for his friend.
  14. Ryuken walked out slowing his pace as Kjell came beside him "So, are you nervous about seeing the results?" He asked trying to make conversation not liking it when there was tense silence between us. "I believe that with your charisma you most likely smooth talked your way into the position." Ryuken said jokingly but his tone remained rather flat.
  15. "I sure hope so. But I'm not really confident about the results, no," he replied. He swam with him to the senate building which was just a few blocks away.

    "Here we go," he noted taking Ryuken to senator Tor's office. He had Ryuken walk in with him.
    "Heeeello Senator Tor." Kjell waved and smiled.
    "Ah. Kjell, the Viceroy for Småhage, and Ryuken the viceroy for Jotunby. How goes it?"
    "Well...Ryuken was wondering how he did on his interview."
    Senator Tor straightened his glasses.
    "For you there was tough competition, but you did not make it. Perhaps next time. I apologize, Ryuken."
    "Aaaaand what about me?" Kjell asked. Tor peered over his glasses.
    "Absolutely not. You're far too stupid." Kjell's jaw dropped. "You have been entrusted with the smallest city in Aquernia, and it is the same status as when we gave it to you, despite substancial donations to better it. Besides, you don't seem very bright. you may leave my office."
    "Excuse me sir." Kjell took Ryuken by the arm and led him out of the office. He sulked after he closed the door.
    "I guess that's it. We'll have to wait to apply next year..." he sighed.
  16. Ryuken's head was a mess right now and his body felt numb 'We...didn't get in.' "I don't believe this!" He hissed as he went down the hall not knowing whether his friend was following him or not, he was furious at the senator, at himself, at everyone. 'Outrageous this is-no' he slowed down and took a deep breath 'I need to calm myself acting like a child having a tantrum is shameful... But still to not accept Kjell or me...we'll simply have to work harder than before perhaps I'll take on a few more classes and then...or what if that might help us...' he came to a total stop and looked to see if Kjell had followed him.
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