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  1. ~Welcome to Pinefeild~

    Pinefeild in a sense, is a very normal city, with normal people who seem to have everything,
    and then the families that seem to be underneath all of them are quite normal in deed. Some live so
    ordinary lives they find it boring, others just try to cover their horrible ones up so they don't
    face public shame. But even a perfect city has secrets.

    Now all families in this town have secrets, and I mean, all. Some secrets are bigger than other.
    Our story surrounds the families who's lives seem the greatest, which only means their
    secrets are the biggest. Everyone envies these familes and their lives.
    And then there is the others, the ones who are so far down on
    the social scale they would love to trade lives,
    and those who are so normal they disappear in the background. Who will you be?​
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  2. At this point, I am going to make a new thread, so yall can talk here for a bit, before I delete it
  3. Ohhh yes I like this idea :)
  4. Yeah, I am going to make another thread, because the perfectness is bothering me
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  5. I love the idea!
    I'm a big fan of Melanie Martinez and can't wait to be apart of this ^^
  6. Alright I will be starting this next week when I get back from vacation.
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