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For Ages, people have spoke of spell casting, rituals, curses, and the like. And of course, this was the truth, surprisingly. From that point on deep within the past of the human race, in this alternative time line, Magic became a staple of society, paving the way for most advancements we have today, and more. As a result, one the more major things to come out of this was the never-ending creation of magical means of destroying your enemies. In this case, we've been able to hold off on all kinds of WMD's because in modern wars, even the most minor fireball spells are now being used as heavy artillery against large squads, or single thunderbolt strikes on tanks. The sheer power was frightening.

And to think, this dangerous magic could be learned in the name of self-defense and learning the traditional, ancient ways of the mystical powers. Thankfully it is taught carefully, and the spells and techniques all specially taught as not to let walking one-man armies roam the streets, teaching them from the ground up, instituting ranks, and creating discipline, whether their students be Wizards, Witches, Shamans, Voodoo Masters, and others.

That is why the Majutsu School exists. It's more like a after-school program, dojo, or a club rather than an academy (even though we provide dorms for 'dedicated' students and such) where you learn techniques and spells that use the life energy of all things, Aether, and compresses it into the fuel of all magic, which we know as Mana. It is not given to you immediately, so no instant gratification. You must train, and earn it, to become high in the use of these amazing abilities.

There are some threats to this seemingly almighty magic. Like spirits, and demonic beings. Monsters and strange animals. And, the uncommonly spoken of, the users of the Dark Arts…


Classes Offered at Majutsu:

Spells- The practice of casting magic, and using aether, the life energy, in its compressed form, Mana. Ties into Kenpo




Alchemy- Making Potions, enchanted stuff, study of animals/monster/etc, etc


Kenpo- Fighting, with and without magic, as well as learning techniques, and where you practice martial arts to help control the body's mana, and channel it. Ties into Spells




The School

Includes physical training and spell sparring areas. There's also some outdoor training areas for when the weather is nice, as well as a snack/juice bar to hit during breaks. We have many other features, but these are the main features of our establishment, certified to teach you the ways of the forces most do not understand...




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Uniforms (Uniforms consist of physical training uniforms, and formal wear for special events)


Unlike Boys, girls get multiple styles, the default being some form of leotard (Think Magician's assistant type fashion) for easy movement. The styles are generally flashy too. Additionally one can wear wristbands, knee/elbow pads, etc. again, as long as it doesn't restrict movement.

Girls Physical Training Uniform Catalogue -

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Formal Wear-



Default Training Outfit-




Default uniform Consists of a top, pants, and sash, with socks, and slip-on shoes. additionally you can wear wristbands, headbands, anything that doesn't restrict movement.

Formal -