Does Size Matter?

Does size matter?

  • Yes

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  • No

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  • I don't care

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Be it the size of a dude's wang, or the cup of a girl's chest, does size matter to you? Why, or why not?
Don't care about wangs...Boobies, as long as they have them, it's all good.
Look it's the personality that I like, doesn't matter the size of the breasts. Seriously I only see people date just for the fact of school social status >< stupid I say.

What ever now is not the time to go on that rant. I said No if you want to know
my current girlfriend kinda spoiled me on this.
It matters for folk who didn't pay attention in Sex Ed.
It matters if these parts are disturbingly or unnaturally huge. XD
personally I couldn't care less. If I spy some from a distance or out of the corner of my eye, I admire shape and proportions, but If I choose to hang out with someone I only care about their personality. Though I would be unlikely to be attracted to some one who was down right ugly - sorry, I'm blunt like that.
I say size does matter, because hey, big titties are nice.
It ain't the size of the boat. Its the motion of the ocean.
Let's be honest. Guys are more hung up about the size of other guys penis then women are. I'd say either compare breast to pecks, or penis to tightness.
Size doesn't matter to me. Basically because I have other things to <s>destroy</s> worry about.
I agree with what Ocha said. Also, there are SO many other characteristics that I find more important than a huge rack.
I agree with Fluffy (damn it, the pictures threw me off) - if it's natural then it's dandy, but if you're not able to get the job done.... well...
But as far as breast size? I think it matters more to the girl than the guy, most guys I know like boobs in general. Girls, I've met some who detested theirs because they were mistaken as boys or, conversely, they ended up nearly giving themselves black eyes every time we drove over a speed bump.

Nice mediums are really key, in other words.
A good boob size is the kind that fits in my hand. Yum.
Only because I've yet to post in my own thread: seconded, Razilin.

As far as bewbs go, all I need is a good handful.

My wang is a good size, so I ain't got nothin' to worry about on that end. I passed the Toilet Paper Roll test, so I'm happy with it!
Wut? *stares at a toilet paper roll*

Erherm.... I don't know what boats have to do with genitals or breasts, but if your junk had a glass bottom, wouldn't you be able to see it coming from underneath?
I've gone through a size queen phase before <__< Now I don't care~
Size is only a problem if becomes a practical problem. (too big to fit being solvable) The people who are too hung up on the size are either or not the type I'd want to date/be friend with.
There's a difference between Big boobs and Nice boobs.