Does it matter how many sexual encounters a partner has had before you? (Kestrel's Thread cont.)

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  1. For all of y'all debating your asses off in there and filling his thread with stuff he doesn't want or need, come bitch it out at eachother here. I'll C+P some of the pivotal responses so far below.

    His thread is for stating your own opinion. I've created this one because people want to reply to others' opinions where they differ. So basically, if you see something in that thread you disagree with, reply here and tag them with it. Kestrel is asking for personal reasons, and it's probably better to keep his thread clear and clarified rather than cluttered with people's responses to one another.

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  2. Nope.

    This is a bad idea.
  3. Bro, I wasn't beefing in the first place haha

    I already said my piece, wasn't trying to debate anyone. Quit trying to instigate something fool. It'd be different if you had something to contribute but it sounds like you made this thread for the expressed purpose of starting a fight club.
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  5. There you have it.

    I think this thread won't get served..

    Cause it's closing time..


    I'm super jealous admins can make witty puns then lock a thread.
  6. Double standards are stupid. If you think a woman is dirty after having been touched, look at your own hands.

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  7. That smell is kinda hard to get off your fingers though.

    Also, I didn't mean to snap in the other thread. Thought you were trying to goad me into posting more and getting into trouble because of it. :c
  8. @Diana, @Windsong, @Cowboy - this thread wasn't designed specifically for you guys, I just quoted you because that was the start of the argument. It was actually an attempt to get other people to reply to your guys' fight here rather than in that thread, considering you yourself @Windsong complained about people quoting you and dragging you back into the thread. >_> The reason I didn't offer my opinion here is because I've already done that in Kestrel's thread and precisely because I'm not interesting in fighting this out, just in not contaminating Kestrel's thread with more crap.
  9. NP dood, just thought you'd like to have your real opinion voiced in the thread before leaving it, lol.
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  10. What part of my ancient Chinese wisdom did you lot not understand?

    "Pussy 's pussy"

    "Shave because no one likes to floss"

    "Its like voltron. The more you hook up, the better it gets."

    Wisdom for the ages!

    <sits meditatively under a waterfall atop a mountain>
  11. "I don't like you, you're too high leveled in the sex tree"

    Say what now?
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  12. Imagining sex as an RPG now.

    "I'm sorry, but my lv.73 Vag-mage is too powerful to team with your lv.32 Dicknight, scrub."
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  13. This is funny because you're indirectly encouraging them to grind.
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  14. ehhhhhhhhhhhhh ಠﭛಠ
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  15. (Hits you)

    Sorry. Just felt the need to PUNch you.
  16. All ya'll should know better.

    Can't read runes but I've seen English versions. All these stats? Vagina levels. Anus levels.
  17. Bring it, slut.

    Yeah okay, now I'm not sure how I feel about ruining a thread that's about not ruining my thread.
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  18. Would you feel like you got fucked?



    For the records, it is normal to consider a specific person's sexual history because it's part of a bigger picture of someone's life and whether or not that person is good for you. (like if it's s sign of problems with intimacy, commitment, insecurities etc.) EVERYONE who wants healthy relationships considers stuff like that. Just like you consider their past relationships with significant others, if they were crazy, or abusive. How they treat their family and their friends. That's just smart stuff.

    What I get pissed off about is making the assumption that:

    A) Sex is this enlighten holy thing that is precious to EVERYONE.
    Which it is NOT. Just like your virginity. Whether or not sex is meaningful and WHEN it's meaningful is a PERSONAL thing. It's just as healthy to enjoy casual one night stands as it is to not have sex until you get married.

    B) Believing that enjoying casual sex means that you have PROBLEMS.
    Which again, just because someone has had a lot of sexual partners does NOT mean they are insecure, a player, have issues with intimacy, relationships or so on. Just like the people who choose NOT to have sex aren't all prudes who fear intimate contact and are incapable of having relationships.

    It's those generalized assumptions that drive me nuts, especially if someone sounds judgmental as hell about it.

    And of course, I get really mad about the double standards people have about men vs woman and sex. I would never EVER allow some guy to call me a slut or disrespect me because I enjoyed sex and had many sexual partners. >:[ ESPECIALLY if he himself had no problem having many partners. I would drop him like a sack of bricks. I would not allow a WOMAN to call me a slut and condescend to me because I enjoyed having sex and she felt differently.

    Everyone has their opinions on how they like their sex, but condescension, being judgmental, and grrrrrrr misogynistic views on women and sex really get my goat. D:

    I'm sure no one HERE is a raging asshole, but the topic accidentally hit my angry feminist button. O__O I have never been sexually active with someone outside of my husband, but I would like to think if I was a single woman out dating I could choose to have/not have sex without someone trying to slut-shame or prude-shame me.
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