Does anyone want to do a smutty Bubbline or Marball (Gumlee)

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  1. Does anyone wanna do a GumballxMarshall Lee or a Princess BubblegumxMarcelins rp?

    Here's the plot (for the Bubbline rp, just flip all male characters to their female versions and vise versa):
    Gumball and Marshall were never close- they had only really ever spoke small talk when Gumball came for diplomatic meetings with Marshall's mother (considering she was queen of the nightosphere).
    But one day, it was in the papers that Marshall was marrying the vampire queen, and was to become vampire king. But was everything really as innocent as it seemed?

    We start after Marshall kills the Vampire Queen the night after their wedding and hides in Gumball's castle.

    No one knows why he killed her- the most common assumption was that he killed her so that he could have the throne all to himself. But was that really the truth? Or just an assumption?

    Gumball finds Marshall stealing food from his kitchen one night, a week after the event. This is where we begin.

    Eventually, they will get close, and we'll get into more of the smut.
    Trigger warning for rape mentions, but all of it will have happened before the start of the rp and we will not be rping any rape, and neither or our characters will have been the rapist, so don't worry.

    I do not do rape fantasy or infantilism fetishes. If you are unsure if a fetish of yours is okay, ask!
    The fetishes I enjoy most are bondage, BDSM, and especially toys and denial play. But we can definitely incorporate even more fetishes than that!

    I am Marshall/Marceline.

    I would prefer Marshall/Marceline be submissive.

    The more extreme the bdsm, bondage, and especially toys and devices are, the better! But keep in mind Marshall definitely will have to be worked into it over an extended period of time. He's traumatized and it is not to be taken lightly. Eventually as he gets more comfortable with Gumball he might begin to want to have sex with Gumball as a sort of therapy for himself- to replace the memories of being raped with memories of having fun with Gumball..

    Please do not use offensive slurs and don't get mad if I ask you not to use certain words that I find offensive. If you say "oh you're too sensitive" instead of being nice enough to respect my comfort, then I will immediately stop rping with you. I've had too many people tell me that.

    Things I will not rp:
    •nonconsent (like I said, any rape mentioned happened in the past, and we will not rp the rape scenes)
    •Vanilla stuff
    •race fetishes

    Now, this is mostly plot for a while until Marshall starts being comfortable in sexual situations with Gumball. I really love the plot so there may be a lot of it.

    PM me or post here if you're interested
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  2. I'd be interested in Bubbline! From your post, I'm taking it you would be wanting to play Marcie?
  3. Yes, preferably. Sorry I didn't really specify that too well. :)

    So, how often can you post? And like, do you know how many characters you post on average?
  4. Btw, the fetishes I enjoy most are bondage, BDSM, and especially toys and denial play. But we can definitely incorporate even more fetishes than that!
    That okay?
  5. @Katey
    How often I post depends on my health. Varies between one post a day to more than 5, or none for a few days. I'll let you know if I can't post. As far as characters, can't say for sure? I don't really count. 2-3 paragraphs on average, sometimes more, sometimes less. You can look through my post history if you'd like. Depends on what my partner is posting and how much I have to reply to; I don't like to put fluff in my posts. The fetishes are all fine with me! I have a thing for denial myself.
  6. So you can only post once a day?
  7. @Katey
    No, I can definitely post more than that. Just that I sometimes have bad health days.
  8. Ah, okay.
    Don't worry, I understand the health thing. I have depression and sometimes my motivation levels will drop and I won't reply for a few days. This happens maybe once every few weeks for me. so I definitely understand how health can fuck with you
    That should be fine then :)

    Hm... Is there anything else we should discuss before we begin?
    I'll make the thread, but would you mind starting the rp once I post the thread? You could begin with Gumball coming down for a glass of water or something in the middle of the night and finding Marshall stealing from his fridge :)
  9. Oh sorry I'm used to doing this rp in just Marball, so if I mix up the female names with the male names, that's why -_-
  10. @Katey
    No worries! :3 I can start it no problem.
  11. Apparently the people that were going to rp with me have dropped or are busy, so my request here is now open again!
    Who wants to do this smutty bubbline or marball rp with me? I'm willing to do one of each!
  12. Still need some partners! My last ones ditched or had to leave!
  13. Still open!
  14. I would love to RP Gumlee. However, I prefer playing Marshall Lee instead of Gumball. Is that alright?
  15. do you have a reason in mind as to why he killed the vampire Queen?
  16. I have a few, but I suggest we take this to PM for further discussion. I'm on my phone atm, so I can't state them right now.
  17. Still open!
  18. Still open!
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