Does anyone roleplay in these types of fandoms?

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  1. Hi! It's Rev. :)
    I'm just curious...I browsed through the Fandom Roleplays section and I didn't see any of the following fandom roleplays I usually play for:
    Soul Eater
    and Black Butler.
    I saw Pokémon, but what was being posted didn't really look like my kind of thing.
    So, I'm just asking...does anyone want or CAN play in any of those fandoms? I'll be sad if I'm the only one. :/
    P.S, I like to add fantasy elements to these, so my roleplay style's a bit unique in that fashion. ;)
    -The Revived Roleplayer
  2. I'd be open for a soul eater RP. I haven't watched it, but I've researched it, and it looks really neat.
  3. There is an SE RP in there~
  4. I looked one more time and...I didn't see one. :/
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  5. I'd be down for SE or Sonic. Either or is good with me, since I've yet to watch Black Butler.
  6. Alright...that's awesome. :) I checked your Roleplay Resume, and you fit my description! :D So, I'll have a roleplay ready at some point, and I'll invite you? Is that okay?
  7. Sure! I'll be ready whenever.
  8. You makin' a soul eater Rp?
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