Doctor x Paitient (MxF Or FxF)

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  1. I want A dominant Male Or female for this I have a idea that I will send over pm. A lot more smut then normal yes, but hey I want to try it and I want a partner who is going to stick around Must be open to anything really except gross stuff


    Forum rules
    No GMing
    No mary sue or Gary stu
    No op you can get hurt
    No anime
    Dont control other's characters
    No one liners ( this is huge, 2 paragraph minimum.)
    Third person only
    You may have to start the thread do to my schedule if I ask please don't whine. I will just drop the rp and you.

    Bring ideas to the table don't just rely on me

    Yes and No go's will go in pm
  2. really looking
  3. I can dig it (I think we had a roleplay before and my spacyness killed it)
  4. it did
  5. Willing to try again?
  6. sure
  7. still looking for this
  8. looking still
  9. still really want this. Remember you are the doctor I would be the patient
  10. still really looking
  11. looking still
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.