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  1. So I've had the following thought for how a Timelord other than the Doctor can exist at the same time for awhile now and I've been thinking about doing a Doctor Who MxM for awhile now as well so I'm combining the two of them. There are spoilers incoming so if you don't already know these things, I'm not looking for you.

    How: Back at the end of series 4, it was revealed that when Dalek Caan activated his emergency temporal shift in 1930s Manhattan, he breached the time lock on the Time War, saved Davros and created a new Dalek empire that was destroyed by the Doctor and his companions. I submit that if the Daleks could have been saved in such a manner, then so too could a Timelord or two who happened to be in the area and escaped at the same time as the Doctor at the end of that series with a much more advanced TARDIS, which is why he was undetected (The Doctor's current TARDIS was fuck all old even when he stole it).

    So that's how another Timelord survived. So what I'm looking for is someone who knows the series pretty well,maybe even more than myself (I only know from Eccelston up with smattering from before), who wants to work to create something akin to the show itself, and wants to enjoy some graphic MxM content along the way.

    I want my partner to play the Timelord and I'll play the companion, with the Timelord being the dominant. You might regenerate - that's part of the gig - but don't expect that your companion will sit on the sidelines.
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