Doctor Who: Descendents of Skaro

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  1. [align=center] Doctor Who: Descendents of Skaro


    It has been millennia since The Beast took to the Universe in resolve of becoming the dominant species. Since then their forces have wreaked havoc on countless worlds, attacked numerous civilizations, and even destroyed their mortal enemy, the Time Lords. However, their conquest was halted and the Doctor put an end to their race, and his. Only small musters of force have been brought about and even an attempt at destroying the Universe, once again they failed. Yet, in the end, the Daleks are never finished.

    The Tardis now hones in on a signal coming from the start of all of this. Skaro has finally lost all remnants of its war. The radiation has dissipated and colonization has begun again. The signal is one of distress from the colony upon it.

    We’ll of course be needing:

    The Doctor: Asmodeus

    Companions: (This includes only people who’ve been traveling with the doctor.) John Harrow (Grumpy) Jenny (Elanora)


    I’ll be playing most the villains and creatures in this but if you have an idea for an original creature be sure to pitch it to me.
  2. Okay, I'll play the 12th Incarnation.

    The Doctor

    Apparent Age: Mid-30s

    Garb: This Doctor seems to like black and grey. He is often seen in a dark longcoat with a dirty scarf and fingerless gloves. It is not clear why he chooses this look - something between a huntsman and a bohemian artist - but he says it goes with his hair, which is notably silvered.

    Personality: The playfulness of the 1st Doctor + the aloofness of the 6th Doctor + the quirkyness of the 11th Doctor.

    Some might see him as a geriatric eccentric trapped inside a younger body, his eyes showing that he bears the terrible weight of the countless deaths that haunt him. But at other times his old charisma and childlike wonder shine through. Though at the reputed end of his life, he remains convinced in the universe's ability to surprise him and is still eager for adventure. Given at times to drifitng off and over-ruminating on the smallest detail, he still holds a remarkable affection for the human race and his spirited companions.

    Wiser... madder... darker... but not dead yet.
  3. Alright Asmo's got the doctor's role.

    I do realize I did not include character sheets mostly because I felt you all would include the information you thought was important. But if you are waiting on such a sheet here's a basic one.






    History: (Doesn't need to be all that big.)
  4. Err, I realise I'm a bit late.. Can I come in as a companion or something, if this will run?

  5. Of course I was hoping this thing wouldn't die. If I can get one more person as well then we'll have a smooth running ship as I can still play the colony inhabitants if absolutely need be.
  6. Name: John Harrow
    Age: 23
    John (open)

    Wearing a perpetual smirk on his face, torn jeans and a grey vest, John carries himself with a certain level of confidence. He's not the tallest, nor the strongest, but possesses a wiry strength thanks to his stint in prison.

    Concept: Escaped Convict, Companion of the Doctor

    History: John never wanted to become what he became, never wanted to break legs for a mob boss or extort shopkeepers for 'protection' money; in truth he wanted to be an athlete when he was younger, but life doesn't always play out the way you want it to. Born in a rough neighbourhood of New York, John got roped into crime in his teenage years and couldn't really back out after that.

    His one chance of escaping this life, his childhood sweetheart Alice who wanted them both to leave New York for pastures greener, was horrifically maimed and left hospital-bound in a home invasion when he was 21. Enraged, John attempted to track down her killers and exact revenge upon them, but the police caught up with him before he could kill the first of them.

    Convicted of assault and attempted murder, John was sentenced to at least a decade in prison. Spending two years behind bars, he quickly became aware that something strange was going on in the prison; the guards seemed unusually cold and inmates kept disappearing. His salvation came in the form of the Doctor, who unveiled and defeated the alien creatures posing as the staff of the prison using the inmates as test subjects for their experiments.

    For his assistance, the Doctor decided to take John on as a travelling Companion. He now roams space and time with his new compatriot seeing incredible sights and places.
    Personality: The side of himself that John shows to the world at large is the usual 'tough guy with a chip in his shoulder' act; he's sarcastic, often quite abrasive and on occasions he can be pretty rude, too. He's actually a pretty intelligent, mild-mannered guy when he wants to be, but doesn't like people knowing this fact.

    Though he acts like he only cares about himself most of the time, John is an exceptionally loyal person to those who win his trust, and though he'd never admit it he genuinely cares about the Doctor and does his best to look out for him when he can. There's a certain element of self-loathing to John, however; he considers what happened to Alice a personal failing on his part, and seeks to atone for this failure.
    Goals: To see the universe, to travel to the Empire State Building on the night it opened, to atone for failing Alice

    - Watch, given to him by his father
    - Handgun, Colt M1911
    - Small box of ammunition
    - Alice's wristband​
  7. I like it. So far so good. I'll see about getting this up soon as I got one more working on a character sheet. As I introduce NPC's I'll be putting up character sheets here. General information so we don't lose track of who's who among Doctor Who.
  8. Name: Jenny

    Age: 24(apparently)

    Show Spoiler

    Species: Time Lord

    Job/Speciality: Traveller/Adventurer

    History: Jenny was created via a sample of the Doctor's tissue, taken on his arrival on the planet Messaline, grown at an accelerated rate, and conditioned into the mindset of a soldier. The Doctor broke the conditioning by teaching her his own morals and ending the generations old war between the Humans and the Hath. In the messy aftermath, Jenny was killed by General Cobb, with a shot that was meant for the Doctor. Due to the Timelord genes she inherited from her father, she was able to come back to life, although her appearance remained the same. Since her recovery, she has been travelling to find new worlds and save other civilisations, very much like her father. A very adventurous girl by all counts, with an attitude behind her actions.


    I know it's a bit short, but oh well, it's the official stuff. Give me a shout if that needs changed. Also got another character I could use if Jenny's not appropriate.
  9. I like it, after all if Davros can create an entire Dalek army out of his chest then where's the harm in Jenny existing.

    Alright should be viable to go up tomorrow, I might even try tonight. Character sheets are still welcome even after the beginning, however, campanions are closed after the start.