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  1. So this just came out, thoughts?
    Personally I'm excited to see it. :3​
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    also, kinda weird hearing Benedict Cumberbwoop having an american accent.

    Looks good anyway.
  3. And they got the bad guy from Serenity in there! I'm going to assume he's a bad guy in there too. Hurray for type castin!
  4. You mean Jubal Early?

  5. [​IMG]

    That guy. >_>
  6. Oh... I missed the 'Serenity' part.
    Oops. XD
  7. You lose nerd points. :P
  8. But now I need to grind more! ;A;
  9. That guy plays a good villain though. I'll probably give it a watch once it comes out on DVD though. I'm not a big fan of movie theaters.
  10. I usually end up seeing these in theatres just out of impatience and an excuse for being a social outing.
  11. It looks like Inception

    this is not a bad thing
  12. I am excited for this! 8D
  13. Maybe, if I can overlook my intense loathing of Bennydick Cucumberface.

    Looks neat otherwise.
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  14. Clearly you haven't heard him say penguin yet.

  15. This trailer is like Inception meets Batman Begins
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  16. I'm glad Chiwitel Ejiofor is in this. I really wanted him to be Black Panther, but I guess I can settle for him playing Baron Mordo.

    Hopefully he gets set up to be a major villain in a later movie. It looks like he's a good guy in this, but I bet by the end he will have switched sides either because of something Mads Mikkelson's character does or out of resentment for Strange.
  17. I'm quite interested in the very different-looking direction that Marvel is going with for this movie. I don't know Doctor Strange well, but I think I'm still going to go and see it.
  18. I'm quite excited for this as well, but knowing how slow I am with catching up with MCU, I'll probably see this in two years. *Steps over the Internet minefield of spoilers*
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