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  1. The night was cold and seemed quieter than normal, or maybe it just seemed like it on occasions like this. Anthony stepped through an older apartment building, looking at each door he passed. He had tracked his target to this building, now was the time to finish the job. Anthony stopped at one of the doors, looking at the number. 327, this was it. Anthony pulled out his lockpick and quietly opened the lock.

    The door revealed behind it a man watching television. He seemed normal enough, but Anthony knew this was his target. As he stepped inside he accidentally stepped on a chip that was leftover on the ground, making the man look over. Without hesitation the man got up and ran out to the outside balcony.

    Anthony ran after the man, drawing a silver dagger. "You ain't getting me!" The man yelled, jumping over a railing and landing in an alleyway. Anthony kept close behind, grunting as he hit the ground. He took a couple of seconds recovering then looked up. The man wasn't in sight. Anthony pulled out a flashlight and spun around to look for signs. Right when he was turned around, a wolf jumped at his face.

    Anthony barely had time to react and pulled up his dagger. The wolf yelped as the dagger went in it. Anthony pulled back and stared at the wolf as it turned back into the man. The silver from the dagger would probably kill the lycanthrope after a couple hours, but just to make sure Anthony stabbed him in the chest. The man made a final breath and Anthony stepped away, leaving the alley and the lycanthrope.
  2. Annabelle stopped in her tracks, her arms crossed over her chest while her hands warmed her forearms. She was returning to her friend's house after a day of doing odd jobs. Sadly, it wasn't a productive day as she only managed to make enough money to buy her a hot meal and drink.

    She looked around, hearing a rustle, a cry, a sickening sucking sound, and then silence. She gripped her arms tightly with her hands, her arms pressing harder against her chest. Those types of sound were never good. And, hearing them in that sequence Annabelle knew something very bad just happened.

    Her eyes landed on a man walking out the alley only a few yards ahead of her. She squinted her eyes, trying her best to see better during the night at him. Quickly, her eyes widened as she saw the dagger he was holding covered in a thick blood.

    Instinctively, Annabelle turned around and made a rush walk back the way she came from.

    I didn't see anything. I didn't see anything, she repeated in her mind as she walked even faster away from the scene.
  3. Anthony looked around as he hurriedly went out of the alley and walked back to his motel room. There was someone nearby who had suddenly turned and was walking away. Anthony remembered the dagger in his hand, had that person seen it? Anthony wiped the blood off and sheathed the dagger. For a moment he contemplated what to do, then began following the figure. As long as they weren't going to the police station or made any calls, he'd be alright. It was bad enough that his cover was blown if they had seen the dagger and his face. Anthony started walking after the person, doing his best to stay hidden from view.
  4. Annabelle's breaths became choppy as she continued to walk back to where she was coming from. She had no idea what to do once she reached her destination. Where after that? Annabelle was cold, tired, and starting to feel a bit sick from what she saw earlier. It was really the last thing she needed in her already dramatic life.

    There was this strange feeling as she walked as if someone was near or following her. Her steps became faster, breathing even more choppy, as she felt her anxiety raised as the strange feeling became stronger. Every few feet Annabelle would look behind her, but never seeing anything out the ordinary. That still didn't calm her strange feeling. Instead, it made it even worse.

    "There's no one around. There's no one...around," she said to herself in an attempt to calm her anxiety. "I didn't see anything...I didn't see that guy..."

    She suddenly stopped and turned around with eyes wide. Her eyes scanned the area in hopes of not finding anything. But, she couldn't help but wonder where did that guy go.

    "Just...just leave me alone," she said nervously in case someone was around.