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  1. Yes. I use it all the time.

  2. No. I never use it.

  3. Sometimes I use it, but I don't need it.


  1. In the Global Signups and Plot Listings forum, it generates a listing of active Signups and OOC threads from ALL of the genre sections.


    Do you find this listing useful? Or do you just go straight to your chosen genres?

    If you could have your DREAM LISTING of all open roleplays that are accepting players, what would you want on it and what would it look like?

    Voting on this poll and giving us an idea of your dream listings will help us develop future updates. :D
  2. I used it in beginning since I'm not really a picky person when it comes to genre - there are some themes I am disinterested in but they are few in number. But now that I am pretty much swamped I don't bother with it ^^' I guess it's safe to say that I use when I am looking for a roleplay and when I have time for another one. As for a dream listing, I'm not all that sure ^^' I guess offering tags for roleplays would make it easier to find a roleplay centered around a theme I am interested in at the moment but other than that, I don't really have a dream listing.
  3. Since I almost exclusively do 1 x 1 roleplays, I find it easier just to PM people and use the One x One requests board; if I were more into group RP's, I would probably find the global listings a great way to add a variety of genres to my roleplays.
  4. Considering I play a bit of all genres, I use that instead of each category's section. Makes it a lot easier to check them all in less time as well!

    As for the dream listing? I have no bleeding idea! :3
  5. I think it would be really cool if we could have some sort of a global listing only for "hot" roleplays- ones that are alive and growing, but need/want to accept more characters. Pretty much a way to filter out the ones that no one has shown any interest in yet and the ones that are already pretty full and not so easy to join.
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  6. I do, and I find it really useful since I do like a wider range of roleplays. However, I think it would really make browsing a lot easier if RP talk was a sub forum within Global Signups since I switch between those the most.
  7. I use it all the time and if you remove it I will hack the forum with my rage-dick.
  8. I don't personally find it useful... the genres I play tend to be far darker than the usual and it is rare for me to find something useful in it... I feel like they should be a little bit more open minded //covers face awkwardly//
  9. I dont use it because I only do one on one rps. I dont think I've every really clicked on it before...
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  10. I use the global listing time to time. It's definitely useful to fill in that extra Roleplay or two.

    I'm sorta confuzzled about the Dream Listing thing. So I can't answer. ;-;

    Wanted to click "I WANNA PRESS A BUTTON" so bad...
  11. Yes, it's pretty much the only listing I look at, unless I feel like browsing through the Jump Ins or the One x One. I may not like all the genres but i am always curious to see what rps are popular.
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  12. I didn't know about it till now, sorry :/ but I will check it out now lol The reason is that I don't do alot of RPing, I am very fussy about what I do my stories in or with, just my nature lol and I usualy only do one or two at a time. I just hadn't looked around or noticed it is all.
  13. While I can see the use and I think it's a great feature of the site, I personally don't use it because I find checking each signup section to make for more easily digestible chunks. Plus that way I can look at titles and know what general genre I'm looking at even if the prefix is missing or misleading.

    Tagging threads is a feature that I definitely miss. Hopefully in an update or two, XenForo will let us do that.
  14. I second Asmo's frequent use of the Global Sign-Ups and the threat of rage-dick destruction should it be removed.
  15. I want a listing that organizes RPs by the percentage of the average number of syllables per word they produce.

    Make this a thing.
  16. XD Threats of murder and mayhem aside.... Do we have any more "I wish I could seee _____." on the global listings?

  17. I will include supercalifragilisticexpialadocious at least thrice in all my posts just to start a leaderboard.

  18. Edgy! I like it!
  19. I'm fairly new here, but I find it very helpful and useful. I use it all the time. I love several genres so it makes it so easy to check them all at once.

    As for dreamlist? I think it's good how it is.
  20. Lev uses it fairly often. Granted, I haven't participated in a WHOLE lot of RPs, but it gives you 1, a quick overview of what's on ALL the boards and 2, shows you which boards/RPs have been really active recently.